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Scrub lyfe

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Sep 13, 2015
Scrub lyfe submitted a new guide:

Prepare yourself! - A Project M 3.6 Ike tech guide

1.0 Introduction

This is a walkthrough of the vast tech abilities and trick available to Ike in project M 3.6. I am going to explain this on a gamecube controller layout, so if you are using a different controller you will have to translate to the proper inputs. Prepare yourself!

1.1 Table of contents

1.0 introduction

1.1- table of contents


2.0- stage presence

2.1 movement

2.11 platform basics

2.12 W.T.L

2.13 other tips

2.2 spacing

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Jul 22, 2014
This is a really basic guide.
Ike's wavedash doesn't go every far and his only decent option OOWD is jab and grab. Its strength comes from QD wavedash for tech chasing and mind games/approach mix-ups. Its also a good recovery mix-up by doing QD -> wall-jump -> waveland.

Ike's dash dance is really bad. He is a slow runner, his body doesn't move far when dashing back and forth, and even his head doesn't move very far, so its not really useful for baiting things out. Ike is not a Dash Dance character.

Ike's throws are one of his strong points. The only DI to escape or create the worst situation possible for the Ike with Forward, Down, and Back Throw are down and away. On stage, at most, you get a tech chase but if the stage is big enough, he won't get much off on it, and off stage, its suicidal to go for. And it also gets you on the ledge depending on where you are and your percent (Which is way better that being off stage or in a bad position). Otherwise, you almost always get a follow up, a combo, or even a kill depending on their weight, fall speed, and percent. Lordy made a post about it for each one. Up-throw is amazing on fast fallers since it almost always leads into a follow up at most percents, depending on their weight.

You also don't talk about his tilts and a lot of his moves have interesting corks. Like up-air has 2 swings and the second swing does more damage and knockback, so the first swing could be used as a combo move and the second swing as a kill move. There is also hitboxes all the way down his arm (At least last I checked in 3.5). So you can use it beat moves like Link's or DDD's dair with good spacing. Dtilt is -4 on shield, is a meteor at the center, and sends them upward at the tip. And how Dair's lingering hitbox is a good gimping tool and you can do dair -> bair. Its also incredible against Spacies if they use up-B.

Also, why do you talk about ledgeguarding and b-reversing before his specials and aerials? And b-reversing isn't useful as Ike besides Aether, but even that is situational.


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Aug 23, 2013
This kind of inspires me to make my own guide. I'll get started on it pretty much immediately.
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