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Practice regiment


Smash Ace
Sep 27, 2013
Nashville Tennessee
Link tech skill practice regiment

-Please read-
The goal of fruitful tech skill practice is to cultivate fluency and consistency. This consistency can only be cultivated through repetition and deliberate execution. When practicing, make a concerted effort to stay focused on your goals and try to be as perfect in every aspect as possible. If you are finding that you are struggling with a certain tech attempt to break down the steps incrementally. Pinpoint the area of weakness and address it accordingly.
Keep in mind that although tech skill practice will cultivate fluidity and consistency, it will not cultivate an understanding of that techs practicality. Research is just as essential to your practice regiment as the grind itself. These two things should always be working in tandem with one another. It would be pointless to master a tech that you do not know how to use or why you are using it. You may intuitively use the tech in matches, but being able to articulate actions make them substantially more applicable. This will also help you prioritize which techs to work on most when developing your own regiment.

How to Use
Treat this regiment like you would any sports routine. Perform each exercise in reps. Examples being DDing across BF twice, or perform raising and falling aerials 5 times then do it on shield five times. I’ll follow up this thread with a video explaining everything.

1- Stretch
Being tense is not only bad for your health, but also for execution. Don’t go into a practice session with the G.I. Joe kung fu grip on your controller. That is just as bad as playing with cold hands and puts you at risk of injury. Give your hands a good deep stretch. I go as far as to do a stretch on my body as well. It alleviates tension and helps focus. It can also alleviate stress and anxiety before a match.

2-Set up
99 stocks and 99 minutes. Have a second controller in so you won't have to bother with a CPU. Time on is good for randal and helps you know how much time you’re dedicating to each activity. Don’t play on the same stage every time. Try to mix it up to ensure you you’re movement will be crisp on every stage. This is especially important on stages like FoD and PS.

3 - Movement
Dash Dance
Fox trot
Full length Dash Dance
Wave dash
Wave Lands
Shield drop
Mix all above into movement

4 - To and From ledges
*To ledge
Wave dash back
Spin hog
Reverse arrow
Reverse bomb Throw

*From ledge
Ledge stall
Inv ledge dash
Hax dash
Hax dash DJ platform AI (BF and yoshi’s only)
Aerial From Ledge

5 - Recovery
Sweet spot DJ
Sweet Up-B
Sweet spot tether
Tether mix ups (Air dodge Up/ Down/ Tward/ Away, mix up tether and do trick shots)
Delayed Air dodge tether ( Air dodge lasts forever. Air dodge Up into FF tether)

6 - Aerials
SHFFL all arieals On Shield/ Off Shield (hit stun changes L cancel timing)
Space Low F-air on Shield (safe on shield)
FH N-air mix ups (FH N-air into FF will AC, Doble N-air at different timings, just good stuff)
AC B-air (auto cancel your raising B-air)
SH Double B-air to N-air On Shield/ Off Shield (Tap jump will buffer the DJ)
Other stuff - whatever you feel like man

7 - OOS
Aerials OoS
N-air OoS
Shield Drops

8 - Tech chases
Tech chase different characters
Dash attack

9 - Choose your own adventure
Always take time to work on whatever it was that you’ve been struggling with, or devote time to learn that tech you’ve been neglecting. Read my threads on smashboards to get inspiration on what to practice next.

Wall techs
Amsah techs
Aerial interrupts
Platform cancels
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