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Polybash XI Result


Smash Journeyman
Apr 3, 2006
Videos are on youtube Pikalex's channel
I'll post link here later, im tired!

Single : 26 players

1) Bam (150$)
2) Kage (60$)
3) Erayz (40$)
4) That guy (30$)
5) Mifune
5) SSF
7) Fizzi
7) PiKaLeX
9)Thunder Moustache
9) Vrud
9) Topher
13) Mars
13) Fatuik

Pool 1
1) Bam

Pool 2)

Pool 3)
6)King in Yellow

Pool 4
3)Thunder Moustache

Double : 7 teams
1) Team Jail (Kage + Bam) (110$)
2) Team Escape (Erayz + SSF) (60$)
3) Team gas cramp (Thatguy + Fizzi) (30$)
4) Team Last minute
5) Rocket Science
5) DairDevil
7 Les écureuils malins


Smash Journeyman
Apr 3, 2006
1) Bam ... too good!
2) Kage ... ta roulu! next time je ne te laisserai pas me comeback!
3) Erayz ... Tu mas bien **** en Bracket! ca va etre sur Youtube ;)
4) That guy ... You're too funny man!
5) Mifune ... We didn't play each other in the bracket! It's a miracle
5) SSF ... Dam Side-B!
7) Fizzi ... GGs
7) PiKaLeX .. I don't know you
9)Ben ... F-smash in team is not that good you know!? ;)
9)Thunder Moustache ... Only one game...pffff thats not enough
9) Vrud ... GGs in the bracket!
9) Topher ... keep on trying spacing
13)Glockenspiel ... Nice job you made out of the pool
13)JonF ... We didn't play!
13) Mars ... We didn't play
13) Fatuik ... Don't resign man, falcons aren't that hard to crush!

2) Team Escape : F-Smash won!
3) Team gas cramp : What a name! GGs
4) Team Last minute : Ben is last minute..not me
5) Rocket Science : GGs
5) DairDevil : GGs men!
7 Les écureuils malins : Friendly fire on ;)

Pool 3)
1)PiKaLeX : GGs
2)Ben : Get ****! :p
3)Fizzi : Nice game! your falcon is tough
4)JonF : GGs...Falco-Ganon is hard!
5)Androgynus : You're a nice guy! GGs
6)King in Yellow : GGs
7)Ovni : GGs

KEV, ThatGuy and Vrud
You guys have a good falcon punch, but Kev has the best!
It was fun to do Falcon's punch only in double until 5AM!!!

Finally, Thans to everyone I played, I didn't play, to everyone who came It was a great tournament!
See you soon


Smash Master
Jul 26, 2005
Laval-Ouest, Quebec, Canada
Bam: Damn when I asked you to show me how to beat Kage I didnt mean you had to pulverize him that badly lol. Grats on the mad cash.
Kage: One day one of my boasts about beating you in bracket will actually happen and then Ill look cool for saying it.
Erayz: Argh your movement is too much for me to handle. I need to learn how to laser or Im just going to get outmaneuvered every time by you. Stop multishining, it makes my fingers cry :(.
That guy: GJ on outplacing SSF.
Mifune: Yay revenge! I think your Falco is more technical than mine still though lol. I guess we are gonna need a tiebreaker down the road.
SSF: Get wrecked noob. No but for real I was pretty lucky to have dodged you in bracket...doesnt mean I wouldnt have won! No johns!
Fizli: Gaz crap
PiKaLeX: Merci beaucoup pour hoster, cetait un experience super comme toujours. Les duels de Ganon Falcon punch ont ete tres amusant. Cetait pas mal proche notre set mais tu ne sais jamais ques qui va arrive dans un Falco ditto!
Ben: Ton placement ne reflecte pas ton performance. Notre set etait le plus intense pour moi pendant le tournoi. Merci pour les jeux.
Thunder Moustache: Sick name bro. We never met though.
Vrud: Vrud says youre sexy.
Topher: Who are you O.o
Glockenspiel: Bonne matches en pools, je pense que la machine ca marcherait biens cette fois la! Jespere que tu vas poursuiveront plusiers tournois.
JonF: Sup.
Mars: Bar.
Fatuik: I guess comboing Falcon silly gets boring after awhile haha. Cest vraiment dommage que tu as quitter comme ca, tavais une bonne chance de placer pas maul haut dans le tournoi.

Pokiloki: I guess Project M was too much fun ;)
JLD: Merci pour les jeux.
IselfGaming: Forward B nest pas le meilleurs technique dapprocher avec :lick:. Bonne chance prochaine fois!

Yan, Ragboy, Kev, good to see you guys again!


Smash Journeyman
Dec 5, 2008
Lachute, QC
1) Bam (150$): Beast Falco as usual, but your Ness sucks
2) Kage (60$): I will destroy the Warrior some day, trust me!
3) Erayz (40$): Notbad.jpg
4) That guy (30$): Very nice placing Joel, always fun to see in smashfests/tournaments
5) Mifune: Once again we played a bit, but not enough IMO Your Fox is getting very solid
5) SSF: heh I was lucky to win against you this time. Our set was epic
7) Fizzi: We haven't played this time. Nice placing in brackets, I see you are making lots of progress lately
7) PiKaLeX: The tourney was great, it was fun to see lots of new faces there, and nice set in brackets!
9) Ben: Your Marth seriously scares me, you're getting real good. Keep training with CC
9)Thunder Moustache: Our set was fun, I would have liked to play friendlies, let's play a ot next time!
9) Vrud: Grats on 2-0ing Bam in pools, your Ness is solid
9) Topher: It was fun to see someone from that far away. I hope you'll find players in you area so you can seriously train, then come back and **** people!
13)Glockenspiel: We haven't played, I think
13)JonF: It was fun to see you again, you're a cool guy, and Fox vs Ganon is a fun MU
13) Mars: NOt sure who you are. :(
13) Fatuik: lol


Smash Cadet
Apr 19, 2009
Montréal, Québec.
yay first ever shout outs :D

1) Bam (150$): That falco too good haha, congrats on winning!
2) Kage (60$): Nice games in pool man! Too bad I got triple kneed second game though ;)
3) Erayz (40$): Seems you're even faster then before :glare: No but seriously awesome placing for an awesome player, good stuff, I'll definitely have to step it up to match up with you!
4) That guy (30$): Yeah we should really settle this with another set haha, grats though, you clearly outplayed me in the third game, looking forward to see this dude play more :)
5) Mifune: Meh :urg:
5) SSF: Really fun friendlies, your falcon has even better reads then before! Nice Roy/Fox haha.
7) Fizzi: Dude! Nice placing! Once again we had to fight againts each other :urg: I guess it cant be stopped though.. Keep on improving! I wont let you beat me though!
7) PiKaLeX: So yeah, we didn't play much and we didnt meet in bracket for once ;) really fun tournament thanks for hosting it man!
9)Ben: Epic games... I didn't receive too many fsmashes this time :smirk:
9)Thunder Moustache: Your set vs Fizzi was freaking hype, you're definitely improving and just tell me when you want to play bro! I'm always down to play with you.
9) Vrud: Sadly we meet again, sorry bout that lol, but yeah your falco is improving so gogogo!
9) Topher: I hope you enjoyed your first tournament and that you'll come to more in the future :)
13)Glockenspiel: We didn't play..
13)JonF: We didn't play...
13) Mars: I think I played you in pools?
13) Fatuik: Ah man such a waste you forfeited dude! Dont give up so easily, I'm sure you could have placed quite high.

Ragboy Imperial

Smash Apprentice
Jan 10, 2009
1) Bam: thx for.. you know haha. Bien joué, mtn t'a du budget pour te lacher lousse au Golden.
2) Kage: GGs ds les pools yo! D-tilt > Jab > F-air > UUHHNNN !
3) Erayz: Well ****in done. I liked what I saw in doubles :D and yeah we def need to play more next time. J'pense passer te voir dans ton habitat naturel assez bientot. hehe
4) That guy: Pleasure seeing you as always :D Funny how you were 'sortof absent' for a while, switched mains since, and you're still consistently ****** people in the face. Good ****! :D oh btw ThunderMustache is me. Please excuse any confusion my multiple aliases may cause. CvS2 format will have to wait for next time I guess.
5) Mifune: Nice job, buddy! :D Happy you made it after all haha, you gotta tell your parents «NO WAY GUYS! I HAVE IMPORTANT **** TO DO!» sometimes. See you @ Laurent's soon.
5) SSF: T'es pas mal meilleur quand t'es sobre yo. haha! On a pas joué par contre.. Va falloir j'monte a Lachute bientôt (Toi ou Dave devriez annoncer desfois sur le thread, genre 1-2 jours d'avance).
7) Fizzi: Well, I hit the Fizzi wall again.. hehe :D Well played, man! I feel I did a bit better than last time. our sets are always really exciting (at least to me)! :D ggs
7) PiKaLeX: TO of the century! & yeah one meh game.. Sorry, I'm really into StarCraft2 and I was really curious as to see what kind of talent we had there yesterday. When you find slack in your forever busy schedule, please let it be known, so we can play more!
9)Ben: Sweet games yo, ggs! Les f-air combos ca rentre un peu trop sur peach. D: Mes radis (turnips), c'est vrm la clé du matchup pour moi en ce moment. Sans ca, j'sais pas c'que j'ferais.. lol
9)ThunderMustache: Vieux scrub, yé ou ton top 5?
9) Vrud: I saw you play alot on the TV that was on the stand. How's your neck? :/ ..
9) Topher: 3h de route +ou- pour ton premier tournoi! Shiet, t'es un warrior! Pi tu joue des low-tiers en plus. Serieux j'espère, comme Erayz a dit, que tu puisse t'entrainer avec des adversaires 'worthy'. Si tu es en ville, assure-toi de nous le faire savoir!
13)Glockenspiel: hmm [german thinking] spiel(en) = game (play).. glock is a gun.. gungame? haha so actually Glockenspiel is like the metal version of xylophones (TY Gewgel), which are normally wood. Cool *** jazz instrument, kudos! and GJ making the bracket, as I assume this was your 1st tourney.
13)JonF: On s'est encore pogné.. :/ avant c'tait tout l'temps moi vs. Mifune a chaque tournoi, pi maintenant c'est toi qui se retrouve tout l'temps dans mon chemin.. Toi pi Jul, vous faites du progrès, lachez pas. GGs yo, à très bientot surement.
13) Mars: Nice games dans les pools, t'a bien joué. Ayant eu 4eme ds les pools toi pi ton frère, vous etiez presque sur d'aller vs. Kage pi Bam en 1st round haha tough luck. Voir que tu main Marth mtn. :p
13) Fatuik: T'aurais pu rentrer dans le cash dude, pkoi tu trust pas tes skills?

Forgot to mention: Thanks for everybody for participating, and coming for friendlies and stuff afterwards.


Smash Lord
Dec 11, 2010
I didn't participate in melee and focused on my PM setups, But I'd like to at least give shoutouts to those who came especially to play PM and give my congratulation to Bam and everyone who played.

Tofer Dallah

Smash Cadet
Mar 5, 2012
Pikalex: Don't worry, I work on my spacing now ! And on my wavelanding~ ^.^
ThatGuy: I don't remember you too. xD
Erayz: Don't worry, next time my Ness and my Pichu will **** people ! :3
Mifune: For sure I will comeback ! o/
Ragboy Imperial: Je compte continuer a progresser et à revenir a plusieurs tournois !

Bref, actuellement je suis encore a un niveau plutôt moyen, mais je compte changer cela ! =D


Smash Rookie
Mar 5, 2012
Montreal, QC
Playing with PiKaLex on sunday made me realize i had potential with Zelda. That was pretty fun.

But one thing still mistify me: If i remember correctly you were 1 stocking me all the time o.O

Anyway best W-E eva!


Smash Ace
Feb 19, 2012
Repentigny, Qc
That was a really enjoyable experience, even if I got ***** :3 .

I should do more friendlies, tough.
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