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Pika-palooza: Pikachu's Smash History

Discussion in 'News' started by EmaLeigh, Jan 28, 2018.

EmaLeigh "$$$$" O'Neal, Jan 28, 2018 at 11:42 PM
  1. EmaLeigh

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    Smash Cadet

    Mar 7, 2016
    Greensboro, NC

    Since 1996, Pikachu has been stealing hearts worldwide and across generations. Given he's the furry face of the Pokémon franchise, it’s not surprising that Nintendo has included the electric mouse in each Super Smash Bros. game.

    It's safe to say Pikachu's the best character in the original Super Smash Bros., but he was booted to mid-tier status beginning with Super Smash Bros. Melee. Subsequently, he is often underestimated. With enough practice and determination, however, Pika players like Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson and Eric “ESAM” Lew have come to realize his true potential.

    In their latest video, False Swipe Gaming provides a thorough examination of Pikachu's play styles throughout the Super Smash Bros. series. Perhaps it will convince you to have at least a pocket Pika!

    Do you play Pikachu in any Smash games? Do you think he's justly ranked? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.
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Based in the Southeastern United States, EmaLeigh has been playing Smash since its inception but joined the competitive scene about two years ago. She dual mains Pikachu/Fox in both 64 and Melee and Pikachu/Charizard in PM. Identifies as "scrub." Her goal is to nurture Smash’s growing scene, git gud, and have fun. Check her out on Twitter @emaleigh_o (but only if you want to).
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Discussion in 'News' started by EmaLeigh, Jan 28, 2018.

    1. The_Bookworm
      Do you guys think the Smash Backroom is going to update the 64, Melee, and Brawl tier lists?
      Pikachu had a successful ride. From going to the undisputed best in 64, to the upper portion of mid-tier in Melee, into a solid high tier character in both Brawl and SSB4.
      Here is a little debate: do you guys think Pikachu was overall buffed or nerfed from Brawl to SSB4?
      [Edit: it can be both directly and indirectly. Is he more effective and stronger as a character?]
      Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
    2. MercuryPenny
      indirectly speaking, he benefits less from the revamped hitstun cancelling than he did from chaingrabbing, his moves don't link together naturally very well and his damage output is pretty weak. one of his biggest strengths - his edgeguarding - is almost invalidated due to how good recoveries are in this game as well as having pretty weak ledge trump options, while his frailty is compounded due to the loss of momentum cancelling and more extreme kill power across the cast

      directly speaking, i have no idea lmao
    3. xzx
      I would say he was buffed, but not by much. (I don't want to bother explaining lmao.)
    4. The_Bookworm
      I was personally say slightly nerfed for the reasons you said above and the loss of QAC. Although Pikachu was universally agreed upon as being a high-tier character in Brawl, its tier status in SSB4 has been polarizing in comparison.
    5. EmaLeigh
      I know next to nothing about Brawl and Smash 4, so I have no idea haha
    6. Skeeter Mania
      Skeeter Mania
      I know almost nobody these days who disputes whether Sm4sh Pikachu is high or mid tier. Some would go as far to say he’s potentially top tier if his perceived MU spread is accurate.
    7. SwagGuy99

      Pikachu was directly slightly nerfed but it was indirectly buffed due to the physics of SM4SH yet nerfed due to the removal of chaingrabbing. It's worst matchups were nerfed as well. I would say it is equally as viable as in Brawl for these reasons.
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    8. Arrogant Commander
      Arrogant Commander
      how do u get hired as a writer for smashboards. this is like the easiest **** ever all you do is post a video and describe lmaooo. no offense but lol
    9. EmaLeigh
      Have you written anything for them? It's a volunteer position and I work two jobs.
    10. Arrogant Commander
      Arrogant Commander

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