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Pico for Smash


Smash Journeyman
Nov 11, 2016
Since Samurai Goroh is an Assist Trophy and always has been since Brawl, I thought of the original 4 characters from F-Zero and I would prefer Pico over Dr. Stewart. I even voted for Pico on the SSB4 Ballot.

I need time to work on a moveset.

Pokelego999 Pokelego999
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Smash Journeyman
May 24, 2014
Pico would be cool. Honestly, being one of the original 4 of F-Zero, I’d argue Pico has just as much importance to the series as Goroh or Stewart or Black Shadow. I don’t see us getting any new F-Zero characters until at LEAST a series revival happens, but I’d like to see a ruthless alien assassin get in.

If you want any ideas on his moveset, I’d suggest taking a look at both what his Car is capable of stat-wise, as well as looking at points of interest on his body.

Doc Monocle

Smash Ace
Dec 24, 2020
The seventh lantern.
I would certainly support Pico. How would I have him to be? He would be difficult to pressure, just as his racer. I could see him as being a close-range fighter that utilizes both sudden attacks to catch his foe off guard, and slower attacks that simply devastate, and approaching him could be a nightmare, as he employs movements that simultaneously handle offense, defense, and movement. His shortcoming would be in pure aggression, however, as his range is horizontally limited, and leave much room for escape or reaction, and his non-attack movement is below average, overall, when the opponent is focused on defense. He is a ready predator with strong attacks.

Physically, his attributes would be similar to Ganondorf's (Walking animation is similar too), except that he runs at about Donkey Kong's speed ( during his running animation, he runs by hopping with one arm and two legs, with one arm held to his side, hand in a claw arrangement), and has gravity comparable to Fox's

Jab A: Pico lifts his arms above his head, and slams his fists on the ground. (Starts with twelve frames)

Ftilt : Runs forward to headbutt the opponent. ( Hard-hitting for its speed and range )

Utilt: Kicks upwards, lifting well into the air. The move actually may be acted out of in the air.

Dtilt ( command grab): Pico reaches to the ground, and grabs the opponent. He trips the opponent (or turns them if they are prone), and stomps on them. This move is quick, but useless against airborn opponents.

Dash Attack : Suddenly extends his free arm as he pounces, returning to a two-legged stance.

Fsmash: Runs forward to shoulder tackle the opponent, and skids near the end of the attack. This move starts quickly, but has high end endlag.

Usmash: Leaps upward twice, swatting above him with alternating hands.

Dsmash: Lies down, and swiftly and mightliy kicks outward ahead of himself. As he stands back up, he performs a lighter kick in the other direction, the appearance being as if kicking an aluminum can. This has remarkable speed and power, but the follow-up can compromise Pico's safety.

Nair: He extends his knee similarly to Captain Falcon, but the attack is weak. Instead, it has heavy armor during its active frames.

Fair: Pico slowly pulls back his fist, and then uppercuts ahead of himself. Seeing this move to completion usually requires double-jumping, and more necessarily than even Snake's forward aerial attack.

Bair: Pico drives his elbow back. This attack is quick, but very short-ranged

Uair: Headbutts immediately upward. This move has poor range.

Dair: Pico performs an elbow slam as he rapidly plummets to the ground.

Neutral special (Road Rage): Tenses and extends his chest for about three seconds while kneeling. Afterward, he becomes dramatically more flinch resistant, and his attacks and movement become faster if he is not interrupted during the warm up. This move has no use afterwards, until Pico suffers a K.O., since the buff lasts for the whole stock. Road Rage can be interr.

Side special (Frenzy) : Pico winds up for a moment, and then suddenly rushes forward with great speed using his shoulder. He will not stop running until he strikes an opponent, or the player inputs B again, causing him to drive his palm into the ground to slow himself. He may jump once at a time or turn around while running. Holding B during the wind up animation delays the result, but increases speed and power.

Up special (Ambush) : Pico jumps up from a squat, and plummets down, all very quickly, striking an opponent in front of him with his arms.

Down special (Havoc): Swats on either side of himself abruptly to ward off the opponent, sets an explosive on the ground, and rolls backward. The explosive detonates after about two seconds.

Grab: Pico grabs the temples of his opponent's head with both hands.

Pummel: Headbutt.

Fthrow: Strikes the opponent with both fists simultaneously and repeatedly before kicking them away.

Uthrow: Pico tosses the opponent upward with both hands after pulling them to the ground.

Dthrow: Stomps the opponent repeatedly before staring at them, looking over his shoulder, and stomping once more.

Bthrow: Pico runs around his opponent, 'breaks their back' with his knee, and kicks them to the ground.

Final smash (Wild Goose Chase): Pico buries a single opponent by stomping on them. A cut scene then plays where he pilots the Wild Goose, which misses the opponent on the first lap, but hits them on the next, launching them.
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