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PGR v5 Updates and PGR v4 Recap

Discussion in 'Competitive Discussion' started by The_Bookworm, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    This thread is created for the purpose of what the title says: being able to do gather the info of the two seasons without needing to repost any updates, but rather, easily update it for anyone to see.
  2. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    PGR v5

    Last Updated:

    C Tier
    Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifiers 1 (1st: KEN:4sonic:) (2nd: Nietono:4sheik::4diddy:) (3rd: Choco:4zss:)
    Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifiers 2 (1st: Kirihara:rosalina:) (2nd: Rizeasu:4zelda::4bowser::4shulk::4drmario:) (3rd: Ron:4mario::4luigi::4yoshi:)
    Noods Noods Noods: Melee Edition (1st: falln:rosalina:) (2nd: Elegant:4luigi::4zss:) (3rd: Eon:4fox:)
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifiers 1 (1st: MkLeo:4marth::4metaknight::4cloud2:) (2nd: Shuton:4olimar::4shulk:) (3rd: shky:4zss:)
    Umebura Tokaigi Qualifiers 2 (1st: Shu:4bayonetta:) (2nd: Zackray:4corrin::4bayonetta2:) (3rd: Tsu-:4lucario:)
    Sumabato 23 (1st: Raito:4duckhunt::4lucina:) (2nd: DIO:4ryu::4yoshi:) (3rd: Shotgun:4fox:)
    XenoSaga XIII (1st: Dabuz:rosalina:) (2nd: Light:4fox:) (3rd: dekillsage:4fox:)
    King of the Springs 3 (1st: Tweek:4bayonetta:) (2nd: Fatality:4falcon:) (3rd: Dabuz:rosalina:)
    No Fun Allowed 2 (1st: Elegant:4luigi:) (2nd: SaSSy:4rob:) (3rd: Jumbolias:4ryu::4bowser:)
    Xanadu: End of an Era (1st: Ralphie:4cloud2:) (2nd: Remzi:4zss:) (3rd: Mr. E:4lucina::4marth:)
    Kawaii Kon 2018 (1st: Larry Lurr:4fox:) (2nd: VoiD:4sheik::4fox::4zss:) (3rd: Zenyou:4mario:)
    Midwest Mayhem 11 (1st: Dabuz:rosalina:) (2nd: Zinoto:4diddy:) (3rd: MKLeo:4marth::4cloud2:)
    Overclocked II (1st: Dabuz:rosalina:) (2nd: Marss:4zss:) (3rd: Light:4fox:)
    Rise 2018 (1st: Tweek:4bayonetta2:) (2nd: Elegant:4luigi:) (3rd: Lima:4bayonetta2:)
    Umebura 31 (1st: Towa:rosalina:) (2nd: T:4link:) (3rd: Abadango:4bayonetta::4mewtwo:)
    Full Bloom 4 (1st: Ned:4cloud2:) (2nd: Samsora:4peach:) (3rd: Locus:4ryu:)
    Sumabato 24 (1st: HIKARU:4dk:) (2nd: Masashi:4cloud2:) (3rd: takera:4ryu:)
    Noods Noods Noods: Oakland Edition (1st: MKLeo:4marth::4cloud2::4bayonetta2:) (2nd: ANTi:4zss::4mario:) (3rd: falln:rosalina:)
    Mason Versus: Mr. E (1st: Mistake:4bayonetta2:) (2nd: WaDi:4mewtwo:) (3rd: 6wx:4sonic:)
    The Scarlett Classic IV (1st: Dabuz:rosalina:) (2nd: Mr. E:4lucina::4marth:) (3rd: Ralphie:4cloud2:)
    GatorLAN Spring 2018 (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)
    Immortal Tech (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)
    Arcane Tournaments 2018 (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)
    Port Priority 3 (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)
    KVO x TSB 2018 (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)
    Smash Factor 7 (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)

    B Tier
    Umebura T.A.T. (1st: KEN:4sonic:) (2nd: Choco:4zss:) (3rd: Nietono:4sheik:)
    EVO Japan 2018 (1st: MKLeo:4marth::4cloud2:) (2nd: Abadango:4bayonetta::4mewtwo:) (3rd: Kameme:4megaman::4cloud2::4sheik:)
    Niconico Tokaigi 2018 (1st: Nairo:4zss:) (2nd: MKLeo:4marth::4metaknight::4cloud2:) (3rd: KEN:4sonic:)
    EGLX 2018 (1st: Tweek:4bayonetta2::4cloud2:) (2nd: WaDi:4mewtwo::4rob:) (3rd: ESAM:4pikachu:)
    Collision XV (1st: Nairo:4zss:) (2nd: Light:4fox:) (3rd: Marss:4zss:)
    Glitch 4 (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)
    MomoCon 2018 (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)

    A Tier
    Genesis 5 (1st: MKLeo:4marth::4cloud2::4metaknight:) (2nd: Mistake:4bayonetta2::4zss:) (3rd: Salem:4bayonetta:)
    Frostbite 2018 (1st: Dabuz:rosalina:) (2nd: Tweek:4cloud2::4bayonetta:) (3rd: Mistake:4bayonetta2:)
    SML: Battle for Vegas (1st: Nairo:4zss:) (2nd: MKLeo:4marth::4bayonetta2::4cloud2:) (3rd: Mistake:4bayonetta2:)
    Switchfest (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)
    Get On My Level 2018 (1st: TBD) (2nd: TBD) (3rd: TBD)

    Upcoming PGR'ed Events: GatorLAN Spring 2018(4/21/18), Switchfest (4/22/18), Glitch 5 (4/28/18), Immortal Tech (4/28/18), Arcane Tournaments 2018 (4/29/18), Port Priority 3 (5/5/18), KVO x TSB 2018 (5/6/18), GOML 2018 (5/20/18), MomoCon 2018 (5/27/18), Smash Factor 7 (7/22/18)

    Insight on how the season rankings work:


    To look forward to:
    GOML 2018 and Switchfest are the next major events.

    Current v5 state: The top players, particularly MKLeo, Dabuz, Tweek, and Nairo, are taking the majority of majors in v5. Salem, while still placing high, seems to have faltered a little bit. A lot of the earlier PGR'ed events this season took place at Japan. The players ZeRo and JK, will no longer compete in tournaments until an unspecified amount of time. Fatality, who dropped in v4 due to a lack of Momocon and Civil War placings, placed very well in Frostbite and in King of the Springs 3, which may result in a increase in the future. Mistake seems to be stepping up to his first-half-of-v4-run, with a very strong run in both Genesis and Frostbite, even taking out the current best Bayo Salem. Kameme placed very well in EVO Japan 2018, which may result in an increase in the future. Cosmos' and Samsora's run at Frostbite shows that they are not done placing high.
    It seems that the season will mostly run on C Tiers as a result of the new formula for determining the tournaments rankings, which is also added on the fact that there is no tournament so far that gathers all the top players in one event (notably Frostbite suffered from this).
    That is what I got so far.
    #2 The_Bookworm, Feb 17, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018 at 3:50 PM
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  3. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    PGR v4 Recap
    *Parenthesis detonate secondaries.

    1. ZeRo :4diddy: 0
    2. Salem :4bayonetta: +9
    3. Nairo :4zss:(:4bowser::4cloud2:) 0
    4. MKLeo :4cloud2::4marth::4metaknight: (:4corrinf:) -2
    5. Tweek :4cloud2:(:4bayonetta::4dk:) +7
    6. Dabuz :rosalina:(:4olimar:) -2
    7. Larry Lurr :4fox:(:4dk:) -1
    8. KEN :4sonic: +8
    9. VoiD :4sheik:(:4fox:) +4
    10. Mr. R :4sheik:(:4cloud:) -1
    11. Elegant :4luigi: +14
    12. WaDi :4mewtwo:(:4rob:) +34
    13. Mistake :4bayonetta2:(:4zss:) New
    14. Ally :4mario: -9
    15. Abadango :4mewtwo::4bayonetta:(:4metaknight:) -5
    16. komorikiri :4cloud2::4sonic:(:4feroy:) -8
    17. Cosmos :4corrinf: New
    18. Captain Zack :4bayonetta2:(:4peach:) -11
    19. Marss :4zss:(:4falcon:) -5
    20. ANTi :4mario::4zss::4cloud:+1
    21. ESAM :4pikachu:(:4samus:) -3
    22. Samsora :4peach: +2
    23. Manny :4sonic: +17
    24. Lima :4bayonetta2: New
    25. MVD :4diddy: +4
    26. Darkshad :4ryu: New
    27. Shuton :4olimar:(:4shulk:) +6
    28. Mr. E :4lucina::4marth: +2
    29. Kirihara :rosalina: -10
    30. Konga :4dk: New
    31. Zinoto :4diddy: -11
    32. Raito :4duckhunt: +2
    33. NAKAT :4fox::4ness:(:4dk::4lucina:) +9
    34. Tsu- :4lucario:(:4ryu:) -8
    35. Charliedaking :4fox: New
    36. Choco :4zss: +13
    37. JK :4bayonetta: +11
    38. Fatality :4falcon: -23
    39. dyr :4diddy: New
    40. Tyroy :4bayonetta:(:4metaknight:) New
    41. falln :rosalina:(:4miigun:) -13
    42. Shoyo James :4diddy::4luigi: +9
    43. 6WX :4sonic: -12
    44. Kameme :4megaman::4sheik:(:4cloud2:) -17
    45. Ryuga :4corrinf:(:4myfriends:) New
    46. Vinnie :4sheik::rosalina: New
    47. Light :4fox: New
    48. K9sbruce :4diddy::4sheik: +3
    49. Zenyou :4mario: New
    50. AC :4metaknight:(:4falco:) -5
    HM. Eon :4fox: New
    HM. Javi :4sheik::4cloud: Previously 44th
    HM. Locus :4ryu:(:4bayonetta2:) Previously 22nd
    HM. Luhtie :4zss: New
    HM. Stroder :4greninja:(:4feroy:) New

    Character Representation (by mains)
    7- :4bayonetta:
    6- :4diddy::4sheik:
    5- :4cloud::4zss::4fox:
    4- :rosalina::4sonic:
    3- :4mario:
    2- :4mewtwo::4marth::4ryu::4corrinf::4metaknight::4luigi:
    1- :4lucina::4pikachu::4lucario::4falcon::4peach::4olimar::4dk::4greninja::4megaman::4ness::4duckhunt:

    Character Representation (secondaries included)
    8- :4bayonetta::4cloud:
    6- :4diddy::4sheik::4zss::4fox:
    4- :rosalina::4sonic::4metaknight::4dk:
    3- :4mario::4ryu::4corrinf:
    2- :4mewtwo::4marth::4lucina::4luigi::4falcon::4olimar::4feroy:
    1- :4pikachu::4lucario::4peach::4bowser::4greninja::4megaman::4ness::4duckhunt::4shulk::4rob::4samus::4myfriends::4falco::4miigun:

    Secondary Exclusive Characters: :4bowser::4shulk::4rob::4samus::4myfriends::4feroy::4falco::4miigun:
    Completely Absent Characters: (:4tlink:**)(:4villager:*)(:4lucas:**)(:4link:*)(:4pit:*):4darkpit::4yoshi:(:4robinm:**):4gaw::4wario::4charizard::4littlemac::4palutena::4pacman::4bowserjr::4drmario::4kirby::4wiifit::4dedede::4ganondorf::4zelda::4jigglypuff::4miibrawl::4miisword:
    *Previously in the PGR v3 (as mains).
    **Robin and Lucas showed up in only v2 in the form of Dath (32nd) and Taiheita (49th), respectively. Toon Link was represented in v1 and v2 in the form of Hyuga.

    1. ZeRo and JK counts.
    2. Tweek didn't use Bayo as a co-main until after the season.
    3. Elegant doesn't use ZSS as a secondary until after the season.
    4. ZeRo retired his secondaries this season.
    5. The Area 51 (HM) counts.
    #3 The_Bookworm, Feb 17, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018 at 10:19 PM
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  4. TheWill44

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    Smash Apprentice

    Sep 2, 2016
    Drinking Baba Yaga’s potion
    ZeRo retired, so Elegant is #10 :roll:
  5. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    Doesn't matter. The rankings shows the ranked players of the season, and ZeRo was very well existing in the PRG v4. Even if he retired, he is still technically ranked number 1 in the world.
    For this season for far, Elegant, while still obtaining good results, hasn't backed up his 11th placing so far, as he came up short in Genesis by Sheik in general. The season is still young, so he still has many opportunities to obtain similar results from v4.
  6. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    This comment is to make this thread easier to access for me, by putting it at the first page of the "Your Content" page.
  7. Iridium

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    Smash Apprentice

    Mar 17, 2018
    Somewhere headbanging.
    3DS FC:
    @The_Bookworm, I wanted to ask if the recent Rikabura 9 that took place in Japan qualifies for this list. I heard it got removed for some reason.
    #7 Iridium, Mar 21, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  8. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    It doesn't. It got removed from the list (don't know why), so it not going here. Midwest Mayhem was a B Tier event, until I learned recently that they reverted it back to a C Tier. I hope they don't do that again. Still hyped about this weekend having an A Tier event.:)
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  9. The_Bookworm

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    Smash Ace

    Jan 10, 2018
    This comment is to make this thread easier to access for me, by putting it at the first page of the "Your Content" page.

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