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perfect djc freeze frames?


how do i title
May 21, 2014
Grand rapids, Michigan
does anyone know the optimal way to use perfect djc freeze like frame wise?(landing it on the ground so it travels the full distance and goes faster) for example, jump and on frame"?" input jump again and input ice


Smash Apprentice
Jan 3, 2013
Two timings:
frame 1: jump
(frame 5: airborn)
frame 9/11: DJ
frame 14/12: PKF

Obviously the timing with the later DJ is better, because it's faster, safer (later DJ means lower chance of getting hit out of it) and you have no chance of cancelling your PKF before it comes out once you've hit the DJ timing. It's also easier to PKF on the next frame than having a frame perfect pause, if you are fast enough to do so (claw ftw). If you can't go from jump to B within a frame and don't want to claw, you'll have to settle for the slower variant.

That said, I don't think it's worth it to try and get consistent at perfect PKFs, because 1 frame timings are hard and it doesn't autocancel anymore. PKF not autocanceling also means that it's harder to combo off of a long distance PKF. Aim for a frame 12.1 DJ normally and a frame 11.3 DJ if you want the long distance. (Meaning: try to go for a DJ on frame 12/11 but it's better to be late by one frame than early.)

People already didn't bother learning perfect PKFs when they were still near Falco laser levels of broken due to autocancels. It's gotten a bit safer and easier execution wise to do so now, though, as long as you're clawing or have really fast fingers.
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