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Peach Vs Link? Is this even a MU I can win?


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Jan 30, 2015
Beach City
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I looked through the threads to see if my question has been answered, so I am sorry if this exists somewhere - I just could not/did not find it.

Is there any way Peach can win against a highly defensive, bomb throwing, arrow shooting, boomerang slinging Link? Ive tried different approaches and nothing really works. I try to get in, I am either jabbed away (it comes out fast) or grabbed and combo'ed, if not killed.

I've gotten some advice to use bair/nair out of shield and some dash attacks. I find holding a turnip and dropping it directly above a shielding Link to open him up for grabs and tilts is quite nice for damage but ultimately I have to be very clever and very fast if I want to win and obviously, I am not, because I keep losing.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Nov 18, 2014
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this mu is heavily in our favor. short hop air dodges will work wonders when it comes to catching and throwing back bombs. you can also get past a wall of boomberang this way. Learn to float directly out of this to punish accordingly. When you get close to link there are only so many things he can do so pick up on his habits. pressure his shield safely with dair if he does shield when you approach him. if he usually grabs when he sees you dashing toward him, jump when you get within his grab range and punish with a falling nair or float dair. if he rolls in, wait for him and nair/dsmash. link is probably the most doable zoner for peach since his movement speed is not nearly as good as others like toon link or pacman. Watch this set between SlayerZ and Scizor, they're literally the best Peach and best Link players (def in the US, maybe in the world), so you can get a good idea of how the mu should be played.

oh another thing worth mentioning. a lot of links like to use mixups out of jab 2 so don't wait for the third one as most of the time it will not come. there's a MUCH bigger punish window if they try to do something like jab 2 to grab or tilt, so don't be afraid to drop shield and bair or grab. you'll notice slay does this several times. even if you get hit by the 3rd jab that's WAY better than getting grabbed or tilted as you'll only take like 4% as opposed to 10-15 or more.

Oh i forgot Scizor went grenny game 2… WELL game 1 is still a good example. ^^ If anything, Scizor switching characters just goes to show how he feels about the mu LOL
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