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Peach versus the newest chars


Smash Cadet
Feb 25, 2015
Hi guys,

Due to bad internet I barely played for a year, which has pretty severely impacted my skill... I also missed out on the dripfeed of new chars... So, it might just be my currently faded skill and/or ignorance.. but do any Peach players here find the new characters supremely annoying? I've gotten a bit used to cloud, but Bayonetta and Corrin I detest playing against. Their hitboxes, combos, moves, priorities... major pain in the ass. So, do I just have to learn fighting against them better, or do some of you skilled Peach players still think these are annoying opponents that are just a tough match for Peach?
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Smash Cadet
Feb 4, 2016
Bayonetta is certainly a difficult match up, but the recent rediscovery of the Stun Jacket glitch could make bullet arts a bit more punishable. Corrin on the other hand is a tough match up at first, but I have gotten pretty used to it. His/Her recovery is very gimpable in between the wings.

Stun Jacket Info: https://youtu.be/Y9W1IZlEHc4

Neku ネク

Smash Apprentice
Feb 28, 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Bayonetta and Corrin are both irritating to play against. Cloud is meh but still poses a threat (because all swordies do against Peach). Bayonetta you need to play super patient and make her come to look. Look for openings and things your opponent does that seem like he/she routinely does (like constantly side-b-ing towards you > shield grab) and punish. Also watch out challenging her in the air because it's a 50/50 shot you'll either win or lose.

Corrin I hate playing against because his/her range is just too much for me to handle. I normally pick Marth or Corrin as a Corrin counter lol.
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