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Peach Play


Smash Cadet
Dec 27, 2014
Hello everybody, this is my first post. I just finished hosting my first tournament today and I'm exhausted. I ended up taking second place, losing in grand finals after winning the first set. Tears :'(!!! Anyway, I'm a Peach main who uses Roy as a pocket (Armada & Sethlon are bae right now lol). To give you an idea of my tech skill so you can give me advice that I will hopefully understand, I am able to wavedash consistently, SHFFL, chain grab, and go off stage to attain KO's.

As a Peach main, I am currently having trouble with a couple of matchups.

First, my long time kryptonite, Wario, can consistently give me problems unless I shield grab. Any other suggestions on how to win this matchup so I don't constantly rely on shield grab?

Second, and more importantly, the reason I lost today was because of ganondorf. I was able to shrek my opponent on dreamland, but he was able to take momentum in the second set once I Azendashed on PS2 (I suck). Anyways, there will be a significantly larger tournament in the coming weeks at my college campus, and I need to know how to beat ganondorf more consistently when using peach because I know I will see him (the player and his ganondorf) again.

Things that I know are central to my peach game, if it helps your responses.
- Grabs --> Throws
- Turnips
- Dash Dancing
- Dodges


Smash Cadet
Jun 27, 2014
College Station
Ah my brother is a Project M Ganondorf main so I know a couple of tricks. First of all you must accept that Ganon will out reach in aerial's against you so straight up approaching with aerials without a plan is dangerous. Turnips are very important, especially for slowing the pace of the game to your advantage and go in hard when you see an opening. Ganon has very poor out of shield options so pressure him into shield often and use your float cancel aerials in combination with down-smash or grab to make him scared in shield. Also edge-guarding, use turnips (whether its z-drop or thrown) and floating bair or dair to keep him from grabbing the ledge.
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