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Peach Melee Vs Smash 4 Peach


Smash Rookie
Oct 12, 2015
Ok so I'm having a bit of trouble and wondering if I could get some help.

I've started playing smash probably sometime in August, like learning the game and stuff because before it was just to pass time, then my PS3 broke and I started playing my 3DS a lot lol.

And I've been watching ton of Armada vids, and then when I go to test what I've observed, it would seem that smash 4 peach seems a lot slower than melee peach. I'm going to be buying a GameCube soon and already have melee. Then I thought, maybe I should try playing with her more on smash 4 and not just give up right away.

Anyone out there have any tips? Been starting to watch eoe vids, but is anyone else really good with Peach besides him? And possibly, if anyone would want to help me out and play online with me?

I haven't been on the fourm much, but I really like peach a lot and I don't want to get discouraged just because she seems a lot faster in melee than in 4.

Lemonade Candy

Smash Apprentice
Oct 26, 2014
Slayerz and some japanese peaches from Shi G on youtube to add a few. This question gets asked like every week.

Zapp Branniglenn

Smash Lord
Apr 13, 2014
Santa Ana, CA
In terms of literal frames, Peach in Smash 4 is very similar to Peach in Melee. The only major difference is the new Uair, and faster Peach bomber from the ground.

The reason that Melee is faster than Smash 4 is because of the different environment. L-cancelling let you fall on people with aerials for a quick ground followup. Peach actually had a specific tech called float cancelling where she suffered no move-specific landing lag at all, rather than just half. Falling speed was extremely faster in Melee, so combos extended for large amounts of strings. And with those old air dodges, you were generally helpless when airborne in melee, only having aerials, good DI, and double jump to protect you from further attacks.

In general, Melee vids will only help you learn about Melee, and if Melee is what you want to play, then you're looking at the wrong subforum.
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