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Peach Kill Confirms?

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Feb 7, 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hay gurls! I just wanted to start a thread to share knowledge about getting kill confirms with Peach. I feel one of Peach's weaknesses is getting the kill, and it's something I struggle with as a player myself.

Some kill confirm options I have done:
  • Z-dropped turnip to falling Fair
  • Turnip toss to Fair (if close enough)
  • Down Throw to charged Up Smash around 70-90% (if opponent air dodges)
  • Down Tilt to Up B at certain percents (if opponent does not tech)
What are your thoughts? How practical are these and have you found success? Are there other options you know of? I look forward to your responses! :4peach:

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May 30, 2015
Z-drop turnip to Fair is is pretty much the same as a turnip toss down to Fair and will give the follow up too. In fact a toss up works too but not if they are too close. So all directions for the turnip work. Getting a z-drop or toss down is not something that happens often. Otherwise the turnip loop would be easy.

Dthrow to up smash is straight up a read. It also beats those that fight their way down. You can chase after them in the air instead and get an up b if they try to jump over your head. If they retreat away from you however most can just get out of your reach since Peach is slow.

I hear you can get away before Peach's up b at ko percents then trying from a Dtilt but I have had some success with it. Could also wait for the dodge and fair or again up b on their jump. Have not messed with it enough though.

I find Dair to Fair happens more than all of those those. It's just you have to catch that high percent to where it will still connect and get the ko and it's not that big.

Getting the ko is quite difficult. Not enough knockback on bair or nair I feel. Second hit of dash attack is kinda unreliable as well. Quite often they live to quite high percents which is dangerous dealing with all that rage. Kinda why I don't like fighting DDD. Seems like Fair just gets people most of the time though if you are tricky with it.
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