OYAGI! The Dan Hibiki support thread

Do you want Dan in Smash Bros?

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Ol' King Dedede

Smash Cadet
Aug 7, 2015
Alright guys, this is the character that must be in! Dan is the man! In fact, I got a basic moveset for the fellow:

Special - Gadoken, which is basically a really crappy fireball Dan shoots from his hands.

Side Special -Dankukyaku, which is Dan's three kick flying move

Up Special - Koryuken, Dan's crappy Shoryuken

Down Special - Premium Sign, which is Dan signing an autograph and throwing it.

FINAL SMASH - Super Taunt, Dan rapidly taunts across the battlefield, but you can cancel it into other moves

So forget about Wolf O'Donnell or Tetra, the real winner is Dan Hibiki!

Join the Saikyo Dojo today and together we can make Dan join the likes of Mega Man and Mario a reality!
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