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Optimizing going to ledge


Smash Cadet
Jan 6, 2014
So I've been experimenting with the three main ways to getting to ledge with Sheik after running towards it, wavedashing to ledge, SH turnaround needles to ledge, and runoff up-special to ledge, and I'm just curious which one is optimal in what circumstances? I've practiced all three to the point of consistency, I just never really know what to use when.

From what I can tell:
  • Wavedashing will always be fastest but doesn't hold any other advantages
  • Turnaround needles is longer but gives you the option to bair depending on the situation
  • Up-special is long and puts out a hitbox (as well as making you invulnerable), but doesn't seem good for much except looking really fly


The Pauerful
Dec 25, 2013
Linz, Austria
This has been precisely analyzed be Kadano here.

Both Kadano and I agree that wavedash -> turn around -> wavedash (+fast-fall) and dash -> pivot/smash turn(turn around during dash) -> wavedash are the best compromise between speed and consistency in almost all circumstances.
I personally think that the double wavedash is fast enough 90% of the time since the second wavedash stops as soon as you fall off the ledge. Only when you are very close to the ledge (closer than 1 slight downward angles WD away) is when the pivot is necessary imo.


Smash Ace
Jun 15, 2014
another option is to simply run off the level and use RNC. There are three variations of this.

RNC as soon as you are airborn FF DJ sweet spot.
Or FF DJ RNC sweet spot.
And then there is the pure Run off RNC Ledgegrab, which if mastered is really fast and can be done from all distances

I personally like the second option the best. Especially for setting up the Shino or Sami stall after killing the opponent.

In terms of efficiency Pauer is right. From a distance either
Run WD Smash Turn WD Back FF
or Dash WD Dash Smashturn (Pivot) WD Back FF
are the quickest

For closer distance
Dash Smash Turn WD Back FF
Or Trot Dash Back Shield Stop WD Back OoS FF
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