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on the notion of "top-player privilege"


Smash Rookie
Jul 25, 2017
things like:

- leaving people stranded or abandoning fairness or manners for not being the superior player(s)
-sucking up to top players in a personal way because they are top players
-pardoning fouls made by top players because they are top players

abandons fairness. if competitive melee wanted to be something that anyone who would like to be a part of, can be a part of, then people have know how to differentiate between their play and their fellow human existence. and not do things like dig their fingers in their wounds or overshadow players in an elitist, condescending way. let how you play do the talking.

just being someone who dabbles into the game, i feel like this is good to bring light to, because the presence of things like this are what players like me view as cues to stop contributing. and my stance on this could represent a lot more players than just me.
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