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OHOHOHO! The Head of The Kanzuki Zaibatsu, Karin Kanzuki for Smash!


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Jul 10, 2017

Karin Kanzuki (神月 かりん Kanzuki Karin?) is a character from the Street Fighter series who was originally featured in the 1996 manga Sakura Ganbaru! before appearing as playable fighter in Street Fighter Alpha 3. She is the elitist rival of Sakura, and head of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.

Fighting style1599441042397.gif
Though she styles herself as a rival to Sakura, Karin uses the Kanzuki style martial arts, a style she created herself, instead of the "original" style Sakura uses. Karin has a wide array of strikes, throws and potent reversals, and she prides herself on being able to handle any opponent she faces. She prefers to keep her opponents guessing by varying the speed of her attacks, and also makes them second-guess their own choice of moves for fear of her powerful counterattacks.

She is well versed in various forms of Bushido, military arts, and "combative sports". This was probably mistranslated from a term that meant "combat sports", which includes various events (e.g. Japanese pro wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts groups). The sum of all her accomplishments in the field of martial arts is equivalent to 100 dan and 8 kyu (the Japanese ranking system for martial arts, among other things).

Though in-game her style is explained as the result of a mixture of several disciplines, her moves actually reflect a big influence of the real life Chinese martial art of Bajiquan, having the hallmarks of the style such as elbow attacks, palm strikes, explosive motions, double front kicks and most importantly, the Tetsuzanko move, a powerful shoulder smash.

Karin's overall style focuses on pacing, dashing strikes and counters, and aerial attacks. Karin's fighting versatility allows her to stay on the move while setting up crushing counters. However, she has a moderate lag time between her attacks and can be thwarted by an opponent that jumps over her and attacks. Her style can be seen as a mix of Fei Long and Chun-Li, as both utilize pacing and speed. Utilized correctly, Karin is not one to be taken lightly and can have her opponent falling for a perfectly-timed counter.

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Feb 24, 2020
Ha I'll support. It was only a couple weeks ago I was wondering how she'd work.and researched it to see some ideas. That weird spin slap manuever could be side with the command inputs and all.
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