New(?) Tech: Edge Loop Dashing


Smash Cadet
Jun 24, 2015
Posted this in the advance tech thread, but I figured I'd make it a thread of its own, since I've been finding more and more uses for this.

So I practised my platform game a couple of days ago and I found edge-loop dashing. Basically you platform loop and dash the other way instantly getting a perfect waveland. It's really quick and on most stages it leads into edge cancels on the other side of the platform if you choose not to waveland and go for a djc aerial instead, or just evasive movement. Easiest way to do it is to waveland off a platform, instantly jump towards it and wavedash the other way back. Not too hard and really useful if you want to move quickly. I've only got one video showcasing it atm, and it's the first one I ever did so it's not being used for anything but it's here if you'd like to see what it looks like.

REALLY short clip, so pay attention ^^

I might be able to put up one more vid with some uses for it if people would like it.


Smash Cadet
Jul 21, 2015
Here's a gif of it so it's easier for people to see what you're actually talking about. This is pretty interesting movement. Djc waveland's I'm like 90% sure actually give you even more momentum (like djc wavedashes even though not many nessers do that). Nice stuff.
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