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New starter combo D-tilt 1 frame turn around U-tilt !


Smash Rookie
Aug 17, 2016
First of all I know some of you top level Mac mains already know about this. Also it is difficult to do and requires tilt stick

Little Mac can now combo D-tilt into the Back of u-tilt quicker then he can by doing a perfect pivot u-tilt.
This can lead to new follow ups at 0%.

D-tilt 1 frame turn around U-tilt
or simply put turn around TA U-tilt

To do this you must input a d-tilt flick the analog stick backwards during the d-tilt animation and input a u-tilt.
The timing is quick and actually different depending if you hit your opponent or if the D-tilt whiffs, with enough practice you will get the timing down. I recommend using training mode cpus for practice.


I hope I embedded the video correctly and this would be the result if it works.
Notice Mac combos d-tilt into the back of u-tilt instead of the front without a perfect pivot so it's quicker.

Let's break this down U-tilt has 3 hitboxes and this is what happens when you combo it from D-tilt at 0%

D-tilt into Front of U-tilt (D-tilt u-tilt is good but front of U-tilt lacks range and it doesn't chain so this isn't as reliable)

Top of U-tilt (D-tilt into Perfect pivot U-tilt this is better at mid low percents for chains but usually escapable at 0%)

Back (D-tilt input buffer a turn around and do a u-tilt.) This seems to lead into alot more interesting things at 0%

Things to know:
For some odd reason if you do a down tilt you can not walk backwards or do certain attacks backwards unless you perfect pivot, hold shield, or do a 1 frame turn around this is very unfortunate and this tech would be so much easier if that bug was removed.

Some floaties can airdodge inbetween but you can just catch then with another u-tilt or do a reverse f-tilt d-tilt to keep the combo going

U-tilt usually out prioritizes or crashes with most quick n-airs and most of the cast won't be able to attack in time

Do two U-tilts depending on the character some you will only do one

Combos I've done :

D-tilt TA 2x U-tilt Side B
D-tilt TA 2x U-tilt and gamble with b-air
D-tilt TA 2x U-tilt and do an up angled F-smash and armor through or bait an airdodge then do an Up B if DI
D-tilt TA 2x U-tilt into perfect pivot U-tilt Up B.

The best follow up personally is just D-tilt TA U-tilt and bait something with an pivot F-smash or just roll behind them after the u-tilt to see how they react.


Banned via Warnings
Dec 8, 2015
wtf is this, how do you forget that little cac has best aeriel kill option in game. he can use all his air moves to zer oto death someone, his best combo is side b off stage....man i can report u for this garbage combo list.
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