New Platform Fighting game Knight Club! (Trailer, Info)


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Oct 8, 2014
Abilene, Texas
Hey bros,

(I'm the community manager for this game and we would love for people to check out the trailer. Especially players like yourself who like Smash Bros. We think you guys will find something familliar but also kind of new in Knight Club! )

We made this platform fighting game called Knight Club that is somewhat similar to the ol Smash Bros. I wanted to make a platform fighter with some more traditional fighting game elements. I also didn't want to outright copy Smash. Enough games do that I think.

Here are the key differences: - no blast zones. Knight Club is not about getting a "ring out" on your opponent.

  • you have HP. no percentages here! lose your hp and you lose a stock.

  • directional blocking. you have to face your attacker to block them. you CAN get crossed up!

  • counter hits. I actually don't know if Smash has counter hits? anyway we got em. if you are hit during the start up of an attack you take additional damage, and hit stun.

  • back stabs. watch your back, son. getting hit in the rear causes you to take additional damage on that hit. only one back stab is allowed per combo, however.

  • marvel style wave dashing. not quite the wave dashing you may be used to, but wave dashing none the less.

  • full air control. no dedicated jump arcs, unless you're attacking.
There's a lot more nuance here than what I've listed so you should check out the game when it released to discover more. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Here is the release trailer for Knight Club. Please enjoy!


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Feb 5, 2018
The trailer looks amazing and the character/customizations look good as well.
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