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Need help with marth


Smash Rookie
Mar 25, 2017
hey guys i'm a new Shiek player trying to get good enough to eventually break my local PR. When i go to weeklies the wall i always face is the Marth match-up. The really good Marths love to down-tilt spam and force me to jump. And their punish game is so good that ill usually die before i can reach the ground again. I know that im just playing the match-up poorly and i need to improve. Any tips?


Smash Ace
Jun 15, 2014
Dash forward -> Shield
Or Dash forward CC (Depending on your percent)
Mixed with Dash forward WD Back
will mess with the spacing of Dtilt

Additionally backflip late bair is great and very safe if spaced.
If done right it can only be directly punished if Marth commits and this is where the earlier mentioned options become potent again.

Needles shot from the air fly at a 45 degree angle so as long as you time it right or if you have a stack those are a mixup too.
mix up SH Needle with canceling them and DJ WL onto a platform
mixed with backflip AC Fair and Empty SH Backflip DJ WL onto platform as well as FJ WL onto platform

Having all of these ready at hand will give you alot of freedom of how to deal with Dtilt, while having space behind you.

If you dont have space behind you, retreat to the ledge and see if he can handle intangible ledge dash options from you
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Smash Journeyman
Jul 21, 2012
If you get close enough for grab to actually connect, dtilt isn't safe on Shield. Dtilt won't hit aerial approaches, but they might start doing things like fair, nair, uptilt, or just avoiding the zone your fair threatens altogether if you start doing that. You can of course, change drift, fast fall to empty land or waveland, or, needle the ground or needle turn around bair to change things up (or just nair instead, or vary if/when you fastfall), and if they aren't right there to catch your landing/you coming down, you can just do different things on landing as it's extremely unlikely they'll be ready to cover all of them. If they're dashing away as you land or too far to hit you with a move they can do right at that moment, don't spotdodge. At least, not immediately. You can also whiff punish the down tilt, by coming in right after it comes out. Approach and stop out side of its range, or dash dance before going in.
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