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Necrozma for smash


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May 27, 2019
Waiting for Latias and Latios to get a theme
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Now then, Necrozma is a legendary pokemon introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon as a secret legendary after beating the looker episode. In the sequels, however, Necrozma is the main legendary and has the ability to fuse with solgaleo and lunala.
Why should he be in smash?
Necrozma, unlike many box art legendaries, is the right size and not straight up giant. He was very important to the games and became known because of it.
Moveset pls?
Necrozma's moveset should consist of attacks used by it in pokemon. This can include, but not limited to, photon geyser, psychic, psybeam, stealth rock, charge beam, confusion, moonlight, mirror shot, slash, power gem, wring out, etc. It can easily have a moveset, as most pokemon are. It could also possibly turn into dusk mane and dawn wings. Final smash could be ultra necrozma using light that burns the sky.
Yes, we already have a gen 7 rep in smash. But from what I've been seeing, he doesn't look very likely to return next game. There's always a possibility, but necrozma seems like a decent rep for being more major to the franchise than another final starter evolution.
If you like this idea, support it!
(I'm new to making a support thread, so any input would be helpful)


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Apr 20, 2021
I think this thread is dead (or wasn't alive in the first place) but Necrozma is one of the only Pokemon I actively want in Smash. It has a really menacing design and unique abilities, and would in my opinion be quite enjoyable to play as.
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