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NANOMACHINES SON! Make Smash Bros great again!! Senator Steven Armstrong for Smash Bros!!


Smash Lord
Jun 26, 2011
This is a support thread for the character of Steven Armstrong from the Metal Gear series.

A reason for support of this character is because of the charisma he has despite being an antagonist from its series. He has spawned numerous catchphrases and has relation with awesome music like the following:

Personally I feel it would be epic to see various characters fighting the senator to the rhythm of the melodies placed. His series has been already been represented in Smash Bros, so that could facilitate things! Then again it could also make things hard such as...

But, but if a Metal Gear character has priority, it is Snake! He is the one who made possible for third party characters to be in Smash Bros! He deserves to return!

I agree, it would be great if Snake returns and see him along side Mega Man, as thanks to Snake I can see the Blue Bomber among Nintendo´s greats, but it could be great if Snake does not come along, and brings someone from his side too.

But why not Raiden? And right now the situation with Konami is not good; maybe we will never see a Metal Gear character or there is the chance we can see someone else like Bomberman or Master Higgins!

Raiden might actually be good too as he already had a similar role in PSASBR, and might be the main character in possible future MG games. But Senator Armstrong sure has won it´s love among fans. And yeah right now with the crisis at Konami, specially at the Metal Gear series; we may never again see someone from that series ever again. Plus still Konami could place other great characters which would still be good.

But for now let us focus on Senator Steven Armstrong. Who wants for the strong to strive! And isn´t that what we want in Smash Bros?
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