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My texture Pack


Smash Apprentice
Oct 16, 2009
I released the texture pack I used in all my videos and stuff because I got nonstop comments on it so yeah, here you go:


Enjoy, I just made the opening strap menu the B+ one because it isn't gonna be on my Wii.


It has built in B+ through an SD Loader code and it makes it so you can load B+ really easily (latest version atm is built in with it). Go into the game and load regular Brawl and it has a custom CSS and more and awesome shield colors. But go into a certain hacked snapshot on the SD card and you can play B+, all you have to do now is change the stocks from 3 to 4 (default settings mod doesn't work twice). It even redirects the look for .pac's from the pf folder to the bp folder, so now you can load a completely different set of textures.

Enjoy, here's a video just signify its release:


So yeah, if you like my YT videos, download the pack and use it either as a guide for your own or just the rest, I'll likely get a thing with all the custom CSP's in it and post it here so you can see it, I dunno, I'm not forcing you to download it or anything so I might be lazy ;).
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