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My definitive Hero guide

Guide My definitive Hero guide


Smash Ace
May 14, 2021
Switch FC
Linkmain-maybe submitted a new resource:

My definitive Hero guide - A guide for top-deckers, stock takers, and controller breakers

My old guide was pretty bad. Here is a new one.

Zap=Side-B 1
Zapple=Side-B 2
Kazap=Side-B 3

Frizz=Neutral-B 1
Frizzle=Neutral-B 2
Kafrizz=Neutral-B 3

Woosh=Up-B 1
Swoosh=Up-B 2
Kaswoosh=Up-B 3

NEUTRAL: Neutral with Hero can be very difficult due to his lack of burst options and safe moves. Instead, you will be conditioning jumps and over-aggression with your long range specials while occasionally mixing it up with grabs and spaced shield pressure. Many of your...
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