My Changelog for Zelda

Nov 29, 2013
I've labbed this character out more than most, and have even discovered two advanced techniques for the character that you can check out in this very subthread (Phantom Displacement and Phantom Phasing)! I have produced two montages of her and have taken Samsora to two stocks and 150% (unfortunately he left right after I started punishing turnip pull with Farore's LOL). This is what I believe the character needs:

  • Nair now links properly, sending the opponent in front of Zelda at all times.
  • Landing at any point during Nair now introduces a landing hitbox that sends the opponent in front of Zelda.
  • Jab 1 no longer randomly shoves people away.
  • Din's Fire now ignores platform collision.
  • Farore's Wind no longer randomly fails to snap to ledge.
  • Nair landing lag between frames 4-38 reduced from 15 to 12 (this would enable Nair up-b).
  • D-tilt BKB increased, KBG decreased, angle reduced slightly (it is only a few frames from being a true conversion to dash attack and fair, depending on DI).
  • Zelda now has light armor while charging Phantom (Projectiles like bacon or Falco lasers no longer interrupt charge. This reduces dependence on IRPD, Instant-Reverse Phantom Displacement).
  • Up-tilt BKB increased from 45 to 50 (strings now connect more consistently).
  • Lightning Kick now knocks down at low percents (because being punished for landing a 21.8% move is uncalled for)
  • Grab is 2 frames faster across the board. Standing Grab: 8-9. Dash Grab: 11-12. Pivot Grab: 12-13.
  • Nayru's Love invulnerability (note: frames 4-7) replaced with 40 unit armor (note: Zelda is light) on frames 4-10 (note: hitbox is active frame 11. (This reduces its effectiveness as a spot dodge with a hitbox, but immensely improves her ability to land)
  • Nayru's Love no longer slows air movement (again, improving her ability to land).
  • Nayru's Love now enters endlag early if it reflects a projectile. It retains its reflector status during its 32 frames of endlag. (this improves its status as a reflector, as it can be heavily punished when used as such).