[MU] Bowser Junior


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Mar 3, 2015
Since I saw there was no thread for this MU I created one because I think it's interesting.
Both characters are great zoners, and BJ can control the ground well with Mecha Koopa forcing us to go into the air and there he can pressure us with his faster aerials. However we have our HS for blocking the Mecha Koopa and we can out camp BY easily thanks to his big size. I think Bomb dropping can stop some Kart's approach and in general bombs are quite useful in this MU with the mobility that bombslide give to Link that can give a hard time BJ zoning us effectively since he can't really spam like us or Gay or DH. His disjointed can help BJ edgeguarde us, but he also has a pretty linear recovery and when he use his Upb one FFNair should do the work. In the end I think this is in Link's favor but there are surely things I haven't covered about both characters and I'd like to hear your opinion.


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Oct 31, 2009
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I got wrecked by one but the MU is now clear to me after numerous friendlies LOL
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A few things: shield his complete Dair, then see how you can punish. If he lands behind you, you may not be able to.Try turn-around jab. Watch out for his Fsmash, which kills insanely fast (don't ever get caught spotdodging in close range, it can cost you a stock at 70%). We can't shieldgrab in between his jab so we'll have to shield that full thing too, or roll away before it ends if your shield is too small. Note that when we Dair into his recovery at the right time he may die. Zair, Boomerang and bombs are nice to stop his approach with Side B. If you shield Side b and he jumps then you must guess which aerial he'll use and with what timing, and also which direction he'll jump in. A Fair covers most, and a Nair works solidly too (see the vid). He may catch you in your jump with his Nair though, so choose wisely. He can go very deep off-stage so bombs are your savior, but airdodge well and make sure he doesn't get you in the process of pulling the bomb. He's very susceptible to jabs and tilts close-range. Best way to deal with Down B is by powershielding them, letting them walk past you and ignoring them from there, or simply picking them up.


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Oct 20, 2013
I play against some pretty good bowser juniors (Coontail and the ocassional Tweek). I think the matchup is pretty even but there is one really excellent edge-guard you should be doing as link in the matchup.

If you force bowser jr to recover low ( a situation where he must up-b) you can gimp him at any percent.

If bowser jr is below the ledge simply grab the ledge as Link. Drop from the ledge when the BJr up-b animation starts and do your up-b. Make sure you snap back to ledge with your up-b. You will hit bowser jr with just one or 2 of the hits and his cart will never return because the beginning hits of up-b are too weak.

If the B Jr gets smart and airdodges simply hold down to not-snap the ledge and follow his DI to still get a punish.
There will be distances (and bowser jr's love recovering from very low) where airdodge will not save them and simply make them miss ledge and kill themselves.

Also you can space your up-b so hammer isn't a threat if the bowser jr is mashing hammer. Also if you hit BJr. early enough out of his up-b he won't have enough frames to get hammer out anyway and will already be gimped.
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