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Mt. Moon's Elusive Fairy: Clefairy for Smash Switch!


Smash Lord
Jun 7, 2014
Your guess is as good as mine
Clefairy~ Clefairy~

Welcome to the Clefairy support thread. This cute little angel is of course, Clefairy~ It is no. 035 in the National Dex, the Fairy Pokemon (before Fairy was even a type) and famous for it's signature move: Metronome, an attack that lets Clefairy use almost any move in the game at random.
What can Clefairy do?
Apart from using Metronome to use a random attack in-game similar to it's pokeball attack, Clefairy has quite a few other potential attacks to use, especially thanks to the Fairy type change of gen 6 which expanded it's movepool and gave it added utility. Amongst other moves, Clefairy can use Meteor Mash, a punch attack learned naturally by only itself and the Metagross line, DoubleSlap, Gravity, Disarming Voice, Lucky Chant, Cosmic Power, Stored Power, and Moonblast, giving it more than enough inspiration for a Smash Bros moveset. Here's a basic moveset for Clefairy I made.​
Clefairy is a light fighter with a moveset filled with feminine sparkly attacks that are deceptively powerful, just like Fairy types in Pokemon itself. Her unique attributes are Metronome, an attack that randomly choose a different attack each time, and Meteor Mash, a projectile punch combo that allows for a multitude of different coverage options. Thanks to her floaty nature, Clefairy would glide along the ground while dashing, similar to Rosalina, though not nearly as fast, instead looking like she's casually ice skating across the stage. Similar to another pink Pokemon with a hair curl, Clefairy would have good air speed, bad fall speed, and be rather light.

Entrance: Generic pokeball entrance.

Jab: 1-2-punch like Jiggs.
Ftilt: Spins to hit opponent with the tail.
Utilt: Raises her finger and spins it twice as a swirly effect appears above her to hit twice.
Dtilt: Swipe upwards with her hand.
Dash: Twirl to hit with the tail to a poke forward with the finger.

Fsmash: Bashes forward Wario shoulder bash style. Clef really puts her weight into it, so she almost loses balance after the attack.
Usmash: Summons a small moon about 2 Clef's above her. This moon then shoots a strong beam of light down at Clef. Slightly laggy but pretty powerful.
Dsmash: Creates a circle of pink stars that spin around Clef's feet. Looks like the Lucky Chant animation.

Nair: Spins Villager Nair style.
Fair: Swipes hand horizontally forwards as a pink swishy effect appears following her hand to show the extended hitbox.
Bair: Creates translucent pink wings behind her and flaps them together once.
Uair: Spins forwards and hits upwards with the tail.
Dair: Puts both feet together and spins, like Jigg's Dair. Halts her falling momentum slightly in the air. 3 hits.

Grab: Tries to grab with both hands. Average range.
Pummel: Basic punch.
Fthrow: Slaps the opponent 5 times quickly, with the last hit whacking them away.
Bthrow: Throws the opponent behind her then whacks them with her tail.
Uthrow: Throws the opponent upwards then slaps them 3 times.
Dthrow: Summons a star just above the opponent and drops it on them.

B: Sweet Kiss. Blows a kiss that creates a small heart in front of Clefairy for a few seconds. This stuns the opponent if they hit it. Acts like Lucas' PK Fire in that it clashes with any projectile.

Side B: Meteor Mash. Clefairy pulls back her fist and waits as a star falls from the sky behind Clef at an angle, aiming for the spot just in front of Clef as she activated this move. Pressing B again anytime as the star falls has Clef punch forward hard. If the star is in front of Clef as it punches, the star goes shooting forwards and doubles in power. Choosing a direction before punching the star has it shoot faster, slower, or at an angle, depending on the direction chosen. Clef can cancel this move by shielding, which still summons the falling star. The point just as Clef punches the star has massive power, but punching without it is rather weak. Only one falling star allowed at a time. With pretty good timing, it's possible to cancel this move then reactivate it to hit the star from a different position.

Up B: Doubleslap. Clefairy halts momentum, then slaps multiple times in the direction chosen. Similar to a Mii Swordfigher up B.

Down B: Metronome. Clefairy's signature move. Clef faces the screen, puts her finger up, and wags it from left to right and uses a completely random attack.

Dazzling Gleam: this halts Clef's momentum in the air and creates a sparkly orb around Clef that does multihit damage before blasting the opponent away weakly.
Blizzard: Acts exactly like Abomasnows Blizzard, sucking in foes for multihit damage.
Protect: This creates a shield that makes Clef completely invincible for a second, bounces opponents away Bouncer-style, and reflects all projectiles.
Thunder: Exactly like Pikachu's Thunder.
Moonlight: Heals Clef 15%. Quite rare.
Echoed Voice: Meloetta's Pokeball move.
Leech Seed: Plants a flower on opponents heads in a large radius.
Cosmic Dance: Gains a buff similar to WFT's Down B.
Explosion: Clef violently explodes, dealing 30% to it and all opponents around. Breaks shields and has massive knockback. Extremely rare.

Final Smash: Twinkle Tackle. This attack shoots stars in every direction that bounce of the stage. Anyone hit by the stars is the teleported to the Z Move space where they suffer huge damage and knockback as Clefairy performs the Twinkle Tackle attack.
Why should Clefairy be a fighter?
Clefairy has had a rather interesting past. It was originally chosen to be Ash's partner in the anime before Pikachu popped up as an usurper and stole the spot. It was one of the few pokemon to go through the Fairy type change during gen 6, bringing it back to notability. Clefairy is also a rather recognizable pokemon thanks to it's cutesy look and Metronome madness.
Realistically, Clefairy is pretty unlikely as a fighter, somewhat thanks to there already being a pink Fairy type with a hair curl already on the roster. Clefairy's best shot at being playable is if they decide to unfortunately remove Jigglypuff but replace it with a similar pokemon that can do something else with similar characteristics.​

Indefinite Minimum

Smash Journeyman
Jan 22, 2015
Personally I'd rather see Igglybuff as the next new Pokemon rep in Smash, but Clef would be my 19th or 20th choice for sure.
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Some Beedrill

Smash Apprentice
Jul 29, 2017
Behind you
If they decided to bring back a gen 1 pokemon with an interesting past, I think Rhydon has the most potential since he/she is the first pokemon ever made. Clefairy would probably be 2nd most likely for all the reasons Luminario addressed.
So I do support, just not that much.


Formerly "ZeroSoul"
Writing Team
Sep 28, 2014
South Carolina
I support, the better mascot choice has always been one of my most wanted characters to get in Smash. Also, I made a support icon for Clefairy, feel free to use it if you want.

Edit: I updated the image a little because I forgot to add the little sprite to the side lol.
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Smash the State
Apr 22, 2010
Holy ****, no offense to Clefairy as a potential smash fighter, but the Pokémon anime with her Clefairy in Pikachu's stead sounds like ****.
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