Mr. E Signed by Team RivaL

This afternoon, international esports organization Team Rival has announced their acquisition of Eric “Mr. E” Weber.

This is the second Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player signed to Team Rival following an earlier acquisition of Matthew “Xzax” Liberatore. Mr. E is considered one of the best Marth players in the world renowned for his creative yet effective play and has notable wins over many skilled players such as Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, Elliot “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce, and Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios.

We have an exclusive interview with Mr. E on his new signing and the exciting growth of his Smash Wii U career:

Frank "Hangman" DeJohn: First off I'd like to start with discussing your recent achievements. Between consistently placing well in national events and being recognized on the Panda Global Rankings, you've made quite the name for yourself over 2016. How do you feel you've carried your performance into 2017?

Mr. E: I feel like although my results haven't been consistent at the top as of super recently, I'm still there. But finishing at my ranking being 18th in the world on the PGRv2 I feel is what I deserved. Not what I'm satisfied with, but just what I earned throughout my year. I plan to do a lot more in 2017 though.

F: How has your previous sponsorship influenced your Smash career? And on that note, how have you been doing since you and Smash Studios have went separate ways?

E: Smash Studios has been the partnership I feel was so important in my growth in my early years of Smash 4, Evan aka PBnJ (SS owner) is like a family member to me, it's been super fun being apart of the organization. Since we parted ways i've just been trying to expand and market myself more.

F: I've heard that you decided to commit full time to Smash now, how has playing as a free agent and playing as a sponsored player impacted your life outside of Smash?

E: As far as dedicating myself as a full time smash player now and taking off a semester of college with doing that, its allowed me to focus so much more on streaming, content, and just events and the game itself. I know it is definitely the right decision for me right now.

F: A player of your caliber must attract a nice amount of attention during your tenure as a free agent, what did Team Rival bring to the table that attracted you to them over other potential sponsors?

E: Team Rival basically got in touch with me, and with doing so me knowing that Xzax was another player on the team already, it had me pretty interested since me and him are friends. The process was very formal and quick, and they are giving me exactly what I was looking for from an org. I feel a lot more secure and I'm very excited to now be apart of the team.

F: With it still being early into the Smash year, what are your new goals as a sponsored Smash Wii U player in 2017?

E: As for goals, it's always aim for the top. Not going to always get there, but I know one day i'll get there. I want to win a major and take out all of the top 10 players.

You can follow Mr. E on Twitter and Twitch, and you’ll be seeing more of his world class Marth play soon at Frostbite 2017, as well as a part of Team Ally during the Civil War crew battle event at 2GGT: Civil War Saga.
Frank "Hangman" DeJohn