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Moveset idea: Doomfist (Overwatch)

Would Doomfist be a good choice for an Overwatch Character?

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Dec 14, 2017
So I know if Overwatch were to get a character, it’d be Tracer, but I played a bit of Doom today and realized, “Hey, Doomfist’d be a great Smash character!” So here you go! My idea for a Doomfist Moveset.

Height: Slightly below Ganondorf.

Walk Speed: 0.909 - Slightly below Ike, at 65th fastest Walk Speed

Run Speed: 1.53 - Tied with Ice Climbers at 64th fastest Run Speed

Jump Height: Slightly above Corrin. I don’t have exact numbers so that’s all.

Weight: 106 - Tied with R.O.B and Snake at 16th.

Jab: A quick punch with his off-hand. Does 7% and comes out frame 4. Similar to Ganon's jab. Based off of Doomfist’s Quick Melee.

Forward Tilt: Quick shot from his off hand. Has decent range and does 2.1% per hit and comes out frame 6. There are 4 hits. Based off of Doomfist’s Primary Fire.

Down Tilt: Lifts up a small rock from the ground and tosses it at the ooponent in an arc similar but much smaller to Simon’s axe. Does 7% and comes out frame 12. Based off of Doomfist’s emote “Crushing”.

Up Tilt: A small jab to the opponent, doing 3.1%, and if the button is pressed again a quick uppercut comes out, doing 4.8% and killing around 92% First hit comes out frame 4 and second comes out frame 6. Based off of Doomfist’s Quick Melee and his Rising Uppercut.

Forward Smash: A short ranged punch that does 19% uncharged and 29.7% fully charged. Comes out frame 23. Based off of Doomfist’s Emote “Fake Out

Up Smash: Widowmaker comes up from the Background and aims a shot around 2 heads above Doomfist. Has a sweet spot at the middle of the reticle. The longer it is charged, the more % it does. This attack is not supposed to kill. Kills around 156% uncharged, an 121% Fully charged. Does 28% Uncharged and 43% Fully Charged. Comes out Frame 23. Based off of Widowmaker’s Scope Fire.

Down Smash: Reaper comes out from the background and fires a shot from both of his shotguns, in both directions. Kills around 91% uncharged and around 73% Fully charged. Does 21% uncharged and 28% fully charged. Comes out frame 22. Based off of Reaper Ultimate: Death Blossom.

Nair: One of Moira’s damage orbs appears around Doomfist for 15 frames. Any enemy that comes a body length from Doomfist takes 2.1% per 3 frames. Comes out frame 7. Can do a total of 10.5%. Based off of Moira’s Biotic Orbs.

Fair: Doomfist gives a quick Headbutt to the opponent, doing 18% and coming out frame 13. Loosely based off of Doomfist’s emote “Ready for Battle”.

U-air: Pulls out a mug and smacks the opponent with it. Has a relatively small hitbox and does 6.2%. Comes out frame 4. Based off of Doomfist’s Victory Pose “Toast”.

Bair: Ignites a handful of Fireworks in his gauntlet. They explode after 5 frames. Comes out frame 7 and kills at around 78% Centre stage. Based off of Doomfist’s Victory Pose “Fireworks”.

Dair: A slow Punch downwards with his gauntlet. Comes out frame 18 and has a spike hitbox all around the Fist. Does 18% on the Fist and 12% on the arm. Smash Original.

Grab: A simple grab with his gauntlet. Comes out frame 4. Loosely based off of Doomfist’s Emote “Crushing”.

Pummel: A crushing blow with his fist, squeezing his enemy. The slowest pummel in the game, but does 4.8%. Loosely based off of Doomfist’s Emote “Crushing”.

Forward Throw: A quick toss with his Gauntlet. Does 11% and kills around 101% centre stage. Smash Original

Back throw: Blows all of his ammo in his hand blaster, dealing 15%. Kills around 146% Centre stage. Based off of Doomfist’s Primary Fire.

Down Throw: Buries the opponent in the ground with his gauntlet, dealing 14%. Loosely based off of other character’s “R.I.P” Victory Poses.

Up throw: Blows up some firecrackers in the opponent’s face, dealing 21% to the opponent and 2.1% to Doomfist. Kills around 89%. Based off of Doomfist’s Victory pose “Fireworks”

Neutral Special: Rocket Punch
A huge punch that has huge distance. Also has Super Armor. The longer it is charged, the farther it goes. To fully charge rocket punch it takes 1 second of charging, just like in Overwatch. At no charge goes ⅕ of Final Destination and does 15%. At full charge goes ¾ of Final destination and does 27%. If the opponent hits a wall during the knockback, they stop all momentum and take 12%. The move is one of the slowest attacks in the game, coming out frame 31. Kills at around 75% Centre stage uncharged, and 59% Fully charged at centre stage. Based off of Rocket Punch.

Side Special: Seismic Slam.
Doomfist leaps forwards in an arc similar to Jolt Haymaker. When he lands he makes a shockwave about 1/7 of the length of final destination which sends opponents up. Comes out frame 9 when grounded and frame 7 when in the air. Does 12% when grounded and 15.4% in the air. The aerial version of this move cannot snap to the ledge until frame 49. Based off of Seismic Slam.

Up Special: Rising Uppercut.
Doomfist does and upwards Uppercut, dealing 10% and killing around 91%. Goes as high as Doctor Mario’s Super Jump when grounded and goes as high as Luigi’s in the air. Comes out frame 11 grounded and frame 5 in the air. Based off of Rising Uppercut.

Down Special: Hack
Sombra comes out of Stealth and starts hacking the opponent. If held for 42 frames without any interference Sombra will disable the opponent’s Neutral Special, Side Special and Down special for 10 seconds. If interfered, however, this move will become unusable for 12 seconds. Bases off of Sombra’s alt-fire “Hack”.

Final Smash: Meteor Strike.
Doomfist leaps into the Foreground, aiming his fist at one part of the stage, with the AoE being as big as ¾ of FD and making a circle around it. The final smash does 35% and kills at 42% with the smash ball, and does 29% and kills at 56% on FS metre. Based off of Doomfist’s Ultimate: Meteor Strike.

Shield: Nothing Special here.

Up Taunt: Doomfist clenches his fist, making a sound akin to “HYUGH!”. Based off of Doomfist’s Emote “Intimidate”.

Side taunt: Doomfist shakes his fist while holding it out, eventually making it a thumbs down. Based off of doomfist’s Emote “Thumbs down”.

Down Taunt: Doomfist laughs at his opponent. Based off of Doomfist’s Emote “Fake Out”.

Victory pose 1: The camera tilts up, showing Doomfist coming down with a Meteor Strike. Culminating with him hitting the ground, with Moira proceeding to launch a Damage orb at the camera. Based off of Doomfist’s Highlight Intro “Meteor”.

Victory Pose 2: Doomfist charges up an Uppercut, culminating in him hitting the ground with a seismic slam, with Widowmaker and Reaper swiftly following behind him. Based off of Doomfist’s Highlight Intros “Combo” and “Uppercut”.

Victory pose 3: The screen is black for half a second, then Sombra’s signature skull appears. The camera turns normal again only for you to see Doomfist and Sombra laughing. Based off of Sombra’s Highlight Intro “Hack”.

BONUS: Crouching animation is Doomfist’s “Take a Knee” Emote from Overwatch.


Alt 1: Classic Doomfist.

Alt 2: Lime Gauntlet, Lime Shorts and Brown Belt. Based off of his “Plains” skin.

Alt 3: Purple Gauntlet, White Shorts and Orange Belt. Based off of his “Daisy” skin.

Alt 4: Blue Gauntlet, Grey Shorts and White Belt. Based off of his “Lake” Skin.

Alt 5: Orange Gauntlet, Light Blue Shorts Dark Blue Belt. Based off of his “Sunset” Skin.

Alt 6: Full on Blackhand Alt.

Alt 7: Caution Alt.

Alt 8: Irin Alt.

EDIT: Slightly revised moveset.
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