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Mother 3

Did you play Mother 3?

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Silent Hell

Smash Cadet
May 11, 2014
Chicago, Illinois
Did any of the Lucas mains here actually play Mother 3? I guess this sorta ties in with the Ness thread on EarthBound.

Anyway, so I guess the main questions here are: Do you play Lucas because of Mother 3? Did you play Mother 3 because of Lucas? If you did play Mother 3 did you like it? If you didn't what made Lucas such an appealing character to you?

I can say that when Brawl originally came out and when I first heard of Lucas, I had already played EarthBound and even EarthBound Zero. Yet, even with this I actually resented Lucas simply because I thought he'd replace Ness. The fanmade translation on Starmen.net was not completed at this time so I decided to hold off on playing Lucas until I played the game so I could appreciate his character more. Needless to say, Mother 3 is my favorite of the trilogy and my longtime maining of Ness has been pushed to second place because of Lucas. I just love his moveset and how crazy his moves are.

So what about you community? Share your thoughts.


Smash Lord
Nov 4, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Mother 3 is one of my favorite games, perhaps my #1.

But it's not why I play Lucas. I choose characters to main based on their playstyle.


Smash Rookie
Apr 25, 2014
Nyack, NY
I actually just started playing Mother 3 last week. Been a Lucas (Claus) main since brawl though.

Dat Brawl Up-Smash in 4-player... :D
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