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More Than Meets the Eye: Mexico's Top 50 Smashers

Discussion in 'News' started by SmashMX, Mar 5, 2018.

SmashMX, Mar 5, 2018 at 7:54 PM
  1. SmashMX

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    Writing Staff

    Mar 5, 2018

    It seems to me like it was a few weeks ago when I was witness to one of the most hype sets in the history of Super Smash Bros. for WiiU: Ramin "Mr. R" Delshad had just placed 2nd at EVO 2015, the biggest tourney of the year, further consolidating his spot in the top echelon of Smash Wii U players, and yet this 14 year old kid from Mexico was beating him at the chant of "OLÉ, OLÉ, OLÉ , OLÉ, TWO STOCK, TWO STOCK". That's how the world came to know that south of the border and west of the sun there was potential in Smash yet to be discovered and Leonardo "MKLeo" López Pérez's legend began. That was almost 3 years ago.

    However, if you think you know all of Mexico's talent because you've seen Leo play, let me tell you you're sadly mistaken. There's no doubt that Echo Fox's own is the best that Mexican Smash has to offer right now, but you'd be pretty short sighted to think he's the only one that has what it takes to make it big in the international scene. If you see a Mexican flag next to someone's tag in bracket, be on the lookout for upsets.

    In order to further the reach of our scene's exposure and serve as motivation for Mexican Smash players all over the country, Smash MX's team took it upon themselves to make a National Power Ranking with results from national events (in Mexico) to give an estimate of the skill of Mexican players relative to each other, culminating in the creation of the MXR.

    So without further ado I encourage you to watch through the MXR videos to find out more about the scene and it's currently top 50 ranked players. Hopefully it will not only point your attention towards this scene but also encourage you to make the trip to a Mexican tourney and enjoy our country. Me and many others from all around can assure you one thing: you'll never regret it.

    One of the main things to point out from the Mexican Smash Wii U community is the great variety of characters used. By just giving a look to the top 50 we can count 35 different characters from the 56 available, more than the 60%, with Bayonetta and Cloud tied with 5 representatives, but also having Wario, Olimar, R.O.B., Roy, Charizard, Yoshi, Mr. Game and Watch, Link and so many other characters in the list. Also, the state variety and distribution of the top players is something worth mention, being Mexico City the most concentrated one with 20 out of the 50, followed by Guadalajara, Jalisco, with 8 players; nonetheless, the top 50 is distributed in 12 different states all around the country, with players who have climbed the skill ladder so high growing in small communities with no more than 40 players, traveling from state to state to keep up with the competition.

    If you want to know more about the creation of the MXR, the team behind it and the things that are awaiting this year for the Mexican community, tune up tomorrow for the first SmashMX Podcast at 8:00 pm CST in LugiaCorp's channel. The show will be in Spanish, but it will be uploaded to Youtube with English subtitles.

    MXR Podcast.png

    Smash MX writing team:
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Mexican Smash Community Leadership
Smash MX is an organization run by the leaders of Mexico's Smash Wii U scene with the goal of showcasing the nation's talent and informing the world about Mexico's strongest players.
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Discussion in 'News' started by SmashMX, Mar 5, 2018.

    1. The_Bookworm
      Might as well post it here too.
      The Official Mexican Power Ranking
      50. Frijolito:4olimar: (Second: :4yoshi:)
      49. Simi:4ness: (Second: :4bayonetta2:)
      48. 4NG:rosalina:
      47. Master Puffy:4jigglypuff:
      46. Manzano:4peach: (Second: :4jigglypuff:)
      45. Lalo:4pikachu: (Second: :4samus:)
      44. Brian:4bowser: (Second: :4luigi:)
      43. Mr. Wamu:4yoshi:
      42. Klein:4ryu:
      41. SRK:4ryu:
      40. Yasuo:4bayonetta2: (Second: :4feroy:)
      39. Artik:4fox: (Second: :4cloud:)
      38. Fabz:4luigi:
      37. Pineda:4cloud2:
      36. Vyral:rosalina: (Second: :4dk:)
      35. Ramos:4diddy:
      34. Lazh:4falcon:
      33. SBGera:4cloud: (Second: :4peach:)
      32. Maister:4gaw:
      31. Daimy:4fox: (Second: :4lucario:)
      30. Chaplin:4megaman: (Second: :4samus:)
      29. Bernie:4link: (Second: :4corrin:)
      28. Richy:4dk:
      27. Emm:4sonic:
      26. Fuerzadon:4shulk:
      25. Elvis:4littlemac:
      24. Reflet:4robinf:
      23. I-C:4diddy:
      22. Nalga:4dk: (Second: :4littlemac:)
      21. EZ:4rob:
      20. QROG:4fox:
      19. Dano:4marth::4lucina:
      18. Richi:4lucario:
      17. Laloba:4bayonetta:
      16. Waymas:4wario:
      15. Pollo:4bowser:
      14. BryanZ:4diddy: (Second: :4sheik:)
      13. Pablo:4mewtwo: (Second: :4diddy:)
      12. Bedgar:4sheik: (Second: :4fox:)
      11. Sou:4dk:
      10. Captain Levi:4feroy: (Second: :4cloud:)
      9. Salva:4mewtwo::4diddy:
      8. Serge:4charizard::4lucario: (Second: :4cloud:)
      7. Rox:4sheik::4metaknight: (Second: :4cloud2:)
      6. Wonf:4sonic::4bayonetta2:
      5. Hyuga:4tlink:
      4. Regi Shikimi:4gaw:
      3. Chag:4bayonetta:
      2. Javi:4sheik::4cloud:
      1. MKLeo:4marth::4cloud2: (Second: :4metaknight:)

      Note that the mains and secondaries are according to what the video says. For example, MKLeo currently co-mains MK and seconds Corrin.
      Stiga and SmashMX like this.
    2. The_Bookworm
      The character variety in the rankings is ridiculous, ranging from middle to lower tiered characters like :4yoshi::4shulk::4rob::4robinf::4gaw::4wario::4feroy::4charizard::4littlemac:and even :4jigglypuff:.
      Stiga and SmashMX like this.
    3. #HBC | Gorf
      #HBC | Gorf
      Hyuga sexually assaulted VikkiKitty, remember? That's why he stopped going to United States tournaments.
    4. PixelSun
      Don't forget about :4link: who's not especially a top tier character.
      Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
      The_Bookworm likes this.
    5. The_Bookworm
      And :4duckhunt:, although Japan already got us a first impression of the character ever since Genesis 4.

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