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Monita, Opens the park!


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May 27, 2019
Waiting for Latias and Latios to get a theme
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Who is Monita?

Monita is the guide and host of the 2012 game Nintendo Land, a launch title for the Wii U. She assists the player by explaining the rules of each of the minigames, based off of Nintendo games such as Mario and Pikmin. She also joins in during the Luigi's Mansion minigame, in which multiple monitas help out if there are not four players hunting the ghost, and she joins in in the Mysterious Murasame Castle Minigame, being the princess you have to rescue. There is also an evil variant named Dark Monita who appears in the Metroid and Pikmin minigames.

Why Should She Be in Smash?
Monita would add a little diversity to the whole lineup, and with Nintendo land being one of the wii u's most popular launch titles and games overall, she would add another wii u character to the roster, by which point we only have inkling, and alph if palette swaps are counted.

For her moveset, Monita could use many animatronics and items from the various minigames as attacks. Here's a quick little list of specials to give you an example.
Neutral Special: Shurikens, the main weapon of the mysterious murasame castle minigame. They are pretty self explanatory.
Side Special: Captain Falcon's Twister Race. Monita would hop in the blue falcon from the f-zero minigame, and charge forward at high speeds.
Up Special: Float. Monita will float up a short distance before being rendered helpless.
Down Special: Flashlight. The flashlight from the luigi's mansion minigame is a long reaching weapon which lightly damages foes. Acts like Bowser and Charizard's fire breath in the sense that it has to recharge to gain more distance and damage.
Final Smash: Animatronic Armada. Monita summons a hoard of animatronics to attack foes.

So what do you think? Do you support Monita for Smash?
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