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Mods Crash at CSS on Smash Wii U


Smash Rookie
Aug 17, 2019
Hey everyone. I'm trying to run Smash mods on Wii U. I found a good modpack (DatPag's Meme Modpack), and I used SDCaffine and the Homebrew Launcher to load it. The game starts, everything is fine, then it freezes on the CSS. I did some digging, and found out it's because the game is loading so many unique character portraits at the same time. I also saw that I could use Sm4shExplorer to revert the character portraits back to normal, so it doesn't crash. The problem is, my SD card doesn't have enough data for a rom dump of Smash Wii U. Is there another way to revert the character portraits back to normal? And if not, is there a way to bypass the crash?
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