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Modding Problems, Need Quick Help!

Ahmad Mohammad

Smash Rookie
Jun 5, 2014
Dubai, UAE
First off, this is my first mod, so excuse me for stupid mistakes. The problems occurring in my mod are:

1. CSS disappeared and numbers all set to 0. As you can see in the picture, the time and CPU difficulty are shown as zero while it isn't, even the stages won't load, the selected character shows the custom Luigi perfectly. I tried removing (private/wii/app/rsbe/pf/system) from the SD Card, then Luigi picture did not appear as I wanted and the CSS will be shown and stages can be opened.

2. Gecko Codes in Dolphin (I'M ONLY USING DOLPHIN NOT A Wii) won't work, I ticked the "Enable Cheats" in the Config.

I tried to enable everything I put in my list, especially unlocking all characters and stages on the go. Maybe one cheat worked which is the all stages hack, but this happens, doesn't really matter to me, but...

I thank you whoever helps me in this in advance, if you're gonna ignore this thread.. If you're gonna ignore this thre-...
Fine, nothing will happen, but seriously, I need quick help...

EDIT: If the pictures above do not show, just right click and choose "View Image", the images give a better view to my problem.
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