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May 19, 2019
This is going to be a detailed post so,
tldr: overall needs better range and less end lag, as well as change or even rework some specials. should be faster considering he is a melee character and should have better stringing potential.

(Necessary)-These changes will make him more viable. not to say hes unviable, but these will push him into the realm of being a "solid pick". If these dont get implemented, then i will have little hope for continuing to play him in the future:

jab-needs better range. when i first started playing mii brawler i kept missing my jab because of how short the range is on it. jabs are suppose to be a quick and close damage option with a decent spacing finisher. while this jab does meet the frame data standards, its range counteracts this by needing to be closer to hit it. moving up that close to an opponent spoils the frame advantage a jab should provide, and you cant even catch a dodge without having to be in kissing distance from them.

mach punch- needs to be reviewed for an overhaul: i wanted to use this move in place of shotput for my offstage game, but the interactions it has with counters and armor have been inconsistent for me. i suggest fixing the inconsistent interations, making it activate on shield, and doing high shield damage. the down side to this would be its already aggregious end lag, but for these changes, i could imagine it being appropriate.

dsmash- worst melee attack range in the game: i was fighting a corrin. she airdodges. i read. dsmash. im in jab range, like right up against her chest. the front dsmash doesnt hit. this is really bad. fix it. idk about the back part of dsmash, as i cant really remember hitting with it recently, but thats prolly garbo too, so fix as well.

fsmash- the end lag must be reduced: a good comparison to what this move should be is wolf fsmash. powerful, short range, great for reads, QUICK. wolfs fsmash is miles ahead of mii brawler's. literally just remove that stupid fist clenchig animation at the end and i think the move will be the way it should be.

down b flip- a glass house: this move only really does one thing right, horizontal recovery mixup. mii brawlers recovery is too linear, but this move makes it a bit more unpredictable. however, the way the move works compared to its intended design is grossly inaccurate. first, the landing lag from a grounded flip that lands you back on the ground is horrible. that completely negates the intended design of an evasive move, reduce the landing lag. second, the end lag on the kick is way too long. its just like the empty flip, reduce the lag. third, add frame 1 invince. its currently 2-4, but again, its and evasive move. frames 2-4 makes it very inconsistent, and kinda robs you of a good input. make it 1-4. fourth, the wall bounce interaction. idk when in the flip it activates, but when it does, its instant death. there is no point to this, remove it.

(Important)-these have less priority, but are still very viable changes for the character. these would make the character better, but not top tier.

range- up tilt and up air need more range. same with the jab statement, when i first started playing mii brawler, i missed all of my up airs, and i didnt even use up tilt because i thought i couldnt land it. up air should have a bigger hitbox in front of him, and the radius of the kick should be larger. up tilt could have better range in front of it, but they wiped that from sm4sh mario, so idk if they intended to get rid of that option completely or just from mario. however, up tilt should have better range towards his back side. not a hitbox on his back, but around his whole head and slightly outward.

end lag- up tilt, up air, and fair should have reduced end lag. these moves are huge to his combo game, and its already kinda lacking and inconsistent. up tilt would combo into itself better, up air would make you able to act faster out of it for more options, and fair would also give more options.

down b counter- give it a proper counter hitbox. maybe they made it top attacks only for the convenience of animating the move, but its kinda ridiculous that this is the only counter that acts like this, and its very inconsistent. i wanted this as my down b, but i couldnt because of his recovery which ill get to later in this and the next section. they could keep the animation, and just add a full counter hitbox to him. idk see the problem with that.

up b heli kick- get rid of free fall: i wanted this as my up b, but ax kick has the highest vertical recovery, so i had to pick it. removing freefall would give mi brawler a LOT more leniency for picking his specials. its horizontal distance is good enough, and removing freefall would let you jump then airdodge to stage or jump, kick, then side b or down b to stage. this would be a very healthy change for the character.

onslaught- fix damage multiplier: i never tested this, but i heard in a video that the increased damage based on your percent doesnt work. i see this move as a potent kill option, so i think only fixing the damage scaling would make the move as it should be, powerful with a risk factor.

up b ax kick- increase veritcal height: this is his low recovery tool. ive had a lot of moments, and still have, with a combination of bad aerial end lag and lack of vertical height from up b that make me s.d. this would make his offstage game much better, and provide a better variety of special selections.

down throw- make it a combo throw: there is very little purpose to down throw. it gives a heli kick, up air, and i think back air at low percents, and is a VERY inconsistent kill throw, as it has higher growth knockback than up throw. ive dthrowed people at 170 and it cant kill. dthrow is in limbo. make it do set vertical knockback that moves you slightly in front of mii brawler. would be very good for his lacking and inconsistent combo game.

down b kick frames- give down b flip kick more active hit frames: this isnt too much of a problem, but it feels like when i aim the kick right, and i soar towards the enemy, im greeted by a missed hit, high end lag, and a hard punish. give the kick more active hit frames.

down b flip mid air hit reset- reset the ability to use the flip it you get hit: idk how balanced this would be, but i thought it would be a good consistent change, considering the majority of move act this way, but thats for recovery. idk, look into this sakurai plz.

down tilt- decrease the knockback it deals: this is his main combo move till like 70%, and even at the max, you only get like a fair or bair. this would make his combo game healthier.

run speed- make him run faster: this is mostly for his combo and stringing ability. i think for the way the character is made this would be an appropriate change.

down air hit box- make it bigger: i felt, and still sometimes feel, so dissappointed by this move. its so hard to line up the meat spike dunk on the haters with its current hit box. increase its radius.

(Nice)- these changes are not required to make him better, but make him easier, or more fun/creative. good changes, but not expecting a lot of these to make it if this post was considered for actual balancing:

tether grab: give him a tether grab, and all the benifits that come with it, such as zairing and tether recovery: i thought about this as a way to improve his recovery, but i realized this would also increase his range. just a creative idea.

suplex- remove freefall: thats all, nothing big, just a way to increase his recovery.

head on- increase falling speed, as well as decrease mid air startup: i feel like this move is kinda unnecessarily slow. idk, havent used it that much because recovery reasons.

back throw- make it a combo throw: i think this would be a really good change for his combo game, but his bthrow right now is just for displacement, and im fine with it. i see its uses, but making it a combo throw would make it just better. good change, but definitely not important.

down b counter- make it also a reflecter: the animation could be the mii catching the projectile, and doing a spinning throw back at the enemy. functions like plautena, looks like mii swordfighter tornado.

shotput- aim it: just a good change to the move. move is good enough, but would make it much better at edge guarding

Notes: DROP KICK IS FINE DONT TOUCH IT. ITS ONE OF HIS BEST MOVES KEEP IT AS IT IS. also wtf is up with the whole onslaught recharge timer, get rid of it. ftilt should have more knockback and maybe more range, def kb though.
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Oct 3, 2019
Brawler needs the better and auto cancel fair back his up air needs to do it's job better down throw kill at 150 of mid range, up tilt is fine but a bit bigger f tilt should kill onslaught please reduce end lag make it kill bair is the big one it needs to kill at 130 it's a bad move but it's one of hit best nothing special about it just the bad knock back growth combined with his inability to have range makes the character unviable in many situations it need to be better killing at 150 each stock is not acceptable you long 50 percent the games you play due to not killing and that needs to be changed
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