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Jan 9, 2019
Hi there, quick introduction for me. I've played Ultimate since it came out and the last game i played was Melee where I mained Samus over a year ago. I recently got into Elite Smash which was a really great personal accomplishment for me because I felt like I was getting finally good at the game. I was in for one match before i got murked and then got kicked out. I've since lost 5 other matches in a row.
I need help on matchups that I particularly find hard right now. I'll explain why I find them hard and the current playstyle that I have against them. I'm hoping for some constructive feedback too. My goal with this thread is to get proper advice on how to approach these matchups and to correct my bad habits.

General Playstyle:

Plasma Breath: I like to use this to camp if im on the opposite side of the stage, especailly to heavier characters who don't have a projectle themselves. If they shield, I often will chase them and either try to dash attack or grab them, Although i've become too reliant on dash attacks and tend to get punished for it lately.
For edgeguarding, I feel I may depend on this too much. I was reading in another thread here that Plasma Breath should only be used to force a low recovery. And lately I've actually have had less and less success using this as an edgeguarding tool. It only seems to work on a few characters with linear recoveries or just bad recoveries like Ike, Chrom, Lucina, Marth, Belmonts and Ganondorf.

Space Pirate Rush: I stopped using this move as much as I have before because I've come to realize its very punishable if I miss. I know its great for stage control, but what is the BEST time to use this move?

Skewer: This is one of my favorite moves in the game, and I actually have had decent success at landing it. I like to use it while I "mirror" the opponent recovery, or if we're both in the air but they aren't close enough to use any aerials on me. Sometimes if we both land at the same time i can catch them and it does wonders to bring a game back. When I'm on the ledge I've have some success with it as well.

Up+B: besides using it to recover from the bottom of the stage, i have a bad tendancy to throw this out when im trying to get back on the ground if I'm being juggled. In terms of angles, I don't often use the backwards or forwards angle, as I'm not sure how applicable they are.

UTilt: I need to use Utilt WAY more than I do, but i've always found Utilts awkward to use. I'm trying to learn when to use them, any tips?

Dtilt and Ftilt: love em, I get a lot of Samus vibes when i throw these out, i've found that ftilt is handy if the opponent doesn't DI from the Dthrow+ftilt combo. Being able to angle the ftilt is sweet.


Neutral: Against Ness I am prone to get caught by PK Fire and then getting grabbed. But recently I found out i could jump out of it to avoid being grabbed. I don't use Plasma Breath later on in the matches because they absorb a lot of HP back, but it seems like a good idea to do before any % gets racked up. I try to stay as grounded as I can because i tend to get caught by a lot of PK thunders and getting juggled is really painful. they both floaty and so I only feed like i can do the dthrow+fair combo, but outside of that i need to just play really smart.

What constantly catches me is Lucas's PK Freeze. Although what I found was helpful lately is trying to recover as low as i can because the range of the Freeze doesn't seem to be able to go as low as Ridley can. But PK thunders can track me down from the bottom instead, which then sends me upwards if i get hit by it. But in general, if I get caught at high percents in the air i feel like I'm completely doomed.


Neutral: I find the Pikachus I come across like to short hop into a lot of things, and spam their neutral B too. i used to be able to Upsmash or uptilt their approach but in the higher GSP range i have a tough time even touching them! idk if i should be using plasma breath here because they are so agile that i feel like I'm just leaving myself open. I struggle against all the pressure that they put on, to react to the pressure, I tend to panic roll more than anything else. The Pikachu that 3-stocked me gave me a terrible time approaching because i couldn't connect anything I tend to use: mainly being uptilt, upsmash and forward tilt. In the higher GSP, Forward Smash feels unhelpful because they can space out easily and go back in.
How should I approach a good Pikachu? Punishing their moves seems very hard to do. But its also difficult to be aggressive.

Air: I'm not sure what I can do. I have a really hard time edgeguarding them because their recovery is so unique. I don't want to sound hopeless, but I'm completely lost on most aspects of this matchup. When I'm in the air, i need to use Nair a lot because it covers so much space.

Little Mac:
Neutral: What works for me here is camping with plasma breath and having the Mac try to approach while getting damaged racked up. I like to stay near the edge because Mac tends to dominate me up close. I know i need to get him off stage and edgeguard, but getting him offstage is definetely what I need to improve on, otherwise I just get a lot of damage on me very quickly then get smacked by something strong and die.
I haven't had that much success because i get rushed often by him and I'm not sure how punish his moves.

Belmonts: I dread this matchup. I have no idea how to approach them since they throw projectiles like crazy! outside of edgeguarding, I don't feel confident in approaching them. Plasma Breath seems to eat up the cross, but outside of that, not sure what I'm supposed to be doing.

I need to head to work right now. But I still have more to talk about. I hope I was specific enough!

Thanks for reading!


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Oct 21, 2018
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Againsts Belmonts, if you play on battlefields, you should use the platform to approach him, the axes are really slow and easy to dodge.


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Dec 11, 2015
Try to suffocate the Belmonts. Don't ever pick FD or smashville on them those are their best stages in my opinion.
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