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Lucas Tech Drills


Smash Rookie
Mar 9, 2016
Hi, Newer Lucas player here,
I've been going to my Weekly in CT for a couple of months now and I'm trying to get as high level as i can with Lucas.

What Drills can I practice at home just to improve my play?

Currently I've been doing:

5Min DJC each aerial (dont really do dair, but I try randomly)
PsuedoLucasHax Dash (havent really done it consistantly yet but still xD)
SHFFL aerials
WaveMagnets on Luigi's Mansion
Sheild Pressure on Luigi's Mansion

Anything else I might be missing, or maybe some advice on practicing those on my own time maybe in a different format?

Thanks so much


Smash Rookie
Jul 11, 2015
don't neglect PK thunder shenanigans. I like to make sure I can go straight up without looking, loop around the opposite way, etc.
Ledgedashing would be good practice too.
rising aerials on stage and on the ledge.
make your dash dance crispy.
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D e l t a

That one guy who does the thing with a camera.
Oct 5, 2013
Understand the full range of PKF and where it is / isn't safe to use. Unlike lasers, PKF has endlag and must be spaced accordingly.

Use CPUs for spacing, baits/shadow boxing, and combos. Understand that all this is not 100% foolproof and humans mix up DI & spacing all the time. The point of learning Lucas' range is to understand when and where your attacks are unsafe and when/where you can punish the opponent.

Being patient & not throwing out a ton of moves will get you farther than spamming attacks. When you play in tourney, adapt to the opponent and figure out the best counter measures to their offense.

Try to get a practice partner. Someone who lives close, up to 20mins away. Even if they're not the best, having a person that you can try new things against will do better than any CPUs


Smash Journeyman
Nov 18, 2014
Lafayette CO
DJC PKfreeze is pretty good. Wave bounce Pkfreezes are also an amazing defensive option but the input it a little funky. And I am assuming your pressure is just mag to mag rather than fitting other aerials as well. DACUS is also very important, especially PkFreeze into DACUS. Also just sweet spotting with UpB on different stages. Those are a few.


Smash Rookie
Feb 8, 2017
I would also recommend practicing platform movement. Lucas is mostly a grounded character, but you want to be able to get to where you want to be.
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