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Lucas Punish Game

Twisted Joker

Smash Rookie
Dec 4, 2014
Yorba Linda California
Hey i need some help with my punish game with Lucas. If you like i can post some videos of my Lucas game. I've been playing him as of November 29 2014 and I'd love to get the hang of him. :lucas:


Smash Ace
Jan 9, 2014
Videos would be helpful..
But basically Lucas can extend his combos for quite a while so just learning how all of his moves link into each other is very important. I recommend watching some youtube videos of Neon, Pink fresh, or other lucas's and get the hang of linking his moves together. Hope this helps :bee:
Oh yeah and there are a few differences between 3.0 lucas and 3.5 lucas that you should be aware of like the obvious recovery nerf and the frames(i forget how many) of hit lag added to his magnet and the increased knock back of downthrow but his combo game is still basically the same....kinda
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