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Lily and Gladion, Reach for the Stars! Lily and Gladion For Smash 5


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Dec 30, 2017
I've been thinking about this for a while now.

Introduction: Lillie and Gladion are characters from Pokémon Sun and Moon and Ultra sun and Ultra moon. They are brother and sister which makes them a perfect duo. I think that they would represent generation 7 of Pokémon as they are a large part of the story in both of the games.

How they would work: Lillie and Gladion would be two characters in one slot, like Sheik and Zelda in melee and brawl. Gladion would be paired with Silvally and Lillie would have Nebby by her side. The player would have to switch between them for different situations as Gladion would be primarily offensive (but with little defence), and Lillie would be defensive (but have very weak smash attacks). This would require the player to use Lillie to bring opponents up to a high percentage and then switch into Gladion to K.O. the opponent. This would overcome the problem that Sheik and Zelda had where Sheik was a lot better to use than Zelda.

What makes them unique: Lillie and Gladion would be a fresh and unique character to add to the cast because of their crazy play style. Playing Lillie is all about keeping opponents away while slowly racking up damage, while Gladion can be swapped in to quickly deal damage to opponents and switch back to Lillie. In a way, their play style represents the competitive Pokémon battling system

Lillie: Lillie and Nebby would take many aspects from their appearance in Pokémon Sun and Moon. As in the games Lillie never really battles with Nebby at all, she would not fight as any other character usually would. Most of her attacks would be Nebby desperately slashing at opponents to protect Lillie as he did in the games. All of Cosmog’s evolutions are represented throughout their for attacks. I decided that Lillie shouldn’t be in her Pokémon trainer form because I felt that she would be better represented that way, however, I did decide to put her trainer form in her final smash and victory animations because at those points she has truly succeeded as a battler. While Lillie is a lot more confident in her Pokémon trainer form and might be more suitable for a game like smash bros, I think taking Lillie’s regular form and making her more confident with some of her attacks represents her character more. For example, during her tilts, jab and special moves she is quite nervous, but she has boosted confidence during her smash, grabs and aerials.

Jab: Nebby furiously throws his “arms” at the opponent, which slowly pushes them away. While Lillie cowers behind him.

Neutral special: Cosmog charges a blast of energy that doesn’t do a lot of damage but pushes away opponents quite a lot. Lillie then kneels over him much like in the scene in Sun and Moon on the bridge.

Forward special: Lillie throws a repel a short distance before it explodes. The repel acts the same way as Mario’s cape as it sends projectiles back at the opponent and can cancel an attack. This can be great for ledge guarding and protecting Lillie and Nebby.

Down special: Lillie quickly switches out and Gladion does his entrance animation

Up special: Nebby gets in Lilies bag and teleports him and Lillie a good distance upwards, while Lillie is falling she holds her hat and stops her dress from flying upward. This also does damage to opponents. This is just like how Nebby and Lillie escape in the opening scene of the games.

Dash Attack: Nebby evolves into Cosmoem and is thrown towards the opponent

Down smash: Nebby evolves into Cosmoem and quickly crashed into the ground creating a ring of damage around, a lot like Charizards down smash.

Up smash: Nebby throws himself upwards

Forward smash: Nebby desperately throws himself forward

Up tilt: Lillie lifts her hat up, this can be used for juggling opponents

Forward tilt: Nebby swings his “arms” forward

Down tilt: Nebby swings at the opponent.

Forward Air: Lillie swings her bag, with Nebby inside, at the opponent.

Back air: Lillie swings her bag backwards with Nebby inside.

Up air: similar to her up tilt, Lillie lifts her hat to juggle opponents.

Down air: Nebby evolves into Cosmoem and drops onto the opponent

Grabs: Lillie pulls her bag over the opponent while Nebby hits them

Up throw: Nebby uses physic energy to lift the opponent into the air

Forward throw: Nebby uses physic energy to push the opponent away

Backward throw: Lily throws her bag backwards and Nebby hits it away with the opponent

Down throw: Lillie empties the opponent out of her bag and Nebby evolves into Cosmoem on top of them

Entrance: Nebby flies through an ultra-wormhole while Lillie chases after him

Taunt 1: Nebby flies out of Lillie’s bag and Lillie frantically signals for him to get back in

Taunt 2: A rotom-dex flies out of Lillie’s bag and takes a picture of her, she reacts just as she did in the game (stunned)

Taunt 3: Lillie sprays Nebby with a healing spray (doesn’t actually heal)

Final smash: Lillie, in her Pokémon trainer form, plays either the sun or moon flute which causes Nebby to evolve into either Solgaleo or Lunala. Lily then mounts Nebby and then they fly in and out of Ultra wormholes and zap opponents with beams of light, moon Geist beam for Lunala and Sun steel strike for Solgaleo. This is much like PK starstorm where opponents aren’t stuck in an animation and can still try to dodge the attacks.

Gladion: Gladion is the players rival in Sun and Moon, and as he is only seen battling with silvally, his motives take a role in his attacks. Gladion is very quick to battle the player in the games but he always loses, which is why his attacks are quick and have high knockback, but he has low defence and bad recovery. Pokémon battles are played on solid ground and Silvally is a quadruped Pokémon, so that’s why Gladion plays better on the ground than in the air. Silvally uses his RKS system to switch between types, he can switch between Grass, fire or water type. Silvally primarily uses his claws, head, legs and tail for his attacks. Some of his moves are based on Pokémon moves Silvally has. Gladion controls Silvally unlike Lillie, and because of his constant frustration, he helps Silvally in some of his attacks. Whenever Silvally attacks, gladion does gestures as if he's controlling him, similar to the Pokemon trainer from brawl.

Jab: Silvally slashes at the opponent with his claws in an X formation, this is X-scissor from his Pokémon move set

Neutral special: Gladion throws a memory drive into a compartment on Silvally’s head, the memory drive that Silvally has changes his Colour (type) and his side special move. Silvally can cycle between a Fire memory drive (starting drive), a steel memory drive and a water memory drive. Even though in the game Silvally can change into any type, these typing’s represent Gladion’s other Pokémon Weavile and Lucario, and Gladion has artwork of him using the fire memory drive.

Up special: Silvally uses aerial ace, he and Gladion quickly fly upwards and then downwards in an Arc.

Down special: Silvally and Gladion switch out and Lillie and Nebby do their entrance animation.

Side special: When Silvally has a steel memory drive, his side special is Flash cannon, it has a high range. When Silvally is a fire type, his side special is lava plume, he creates a pillar of flame right in front of him. When Silvally is a Dark type, he uses night slash, this hits all around him in a tornado motion. All of his side specials have very low cool down.

Dash attack: Silvally uses takedown, he slams into the opponent, and the effect that surrounds him has the same colour as Silvally (RKS System)

Down smash:
Silvally uses Giga impact, he slams down into the ground and creates a shockwave that hits the opponent, Gladion punches the ground while doing this.

Up smash: Gladion sand Silvally combine their power to unleash a force upwards, the force is the same colour as Silvally’s type.

Forward Smash: Gladion and Silvally unleash their force forwards. The force is the colour of Silvally’s type.

Up tilt: Silvally swipes the spike on his head upwards.

Forward tilt: Silvally uses double hit, Silvally slashes the opponent and Gladion kicks them

*when Gladion is in the air he is on Silvally’s back

Down tilt: Silvally swipes the opponent with his tail

Forward air: Silvally bites the opponent

Back air: Silvally and Gladion both kick backwards

Down air: Silvally uses dragon claw, a blue claw swipes downwards, this has a meteor effect

Up Air: Silvally uses sunny day, a heat zone appears above Gladion, this is a multi-hitting move

Grabs: for his grabs, Gladion holds the opponent up while Silvally bites them

Up throw: Silvally uses razor wind which comes out as a tornado that sends the opponent upwards.

Down throw: Silvally uses crush claw, Gladion drops the opponent and then Silvally crushes them with his claw

Forward throw: Silvally head-butts the opponent out of Gladion’s hands.

Backwards throw: Gladion throws the opponent backwards and Silvally kicks them

Entrance: Gladion and type: null run in, Type: null then evolves into Silvally and Gladion throws a fire memory into a compartment on his head, turning Silvally red (fire type)

Taunt 1: Gladion shows off his black Z-ring

Taunt 2: Gladion pets Silvally, Hearts appear above them (this is a reference to pokemon refresh)

Taunt 3: Gladion does his signature battle pose, while does this, and energy starts to come from his hand.

Final smash: Z-Multi attack. The smash starts off with Gladion performing the Z-move action, and Silvally gaining power. All the z-crystals surround Silvally and as Gladion gets on his back SIlvally glows with rainbow colours. Silvally and Gladion fly around the stage blasting the opponents with different colour lasers, it ends with Draco meteors raining down on the stage.

Victory animations: Lily and Gladion are both present in their victory animations. In all the animations Lillie is in her Pokémon trainer form. If they win in a team battle with more than 4 players on their team, only Lillie or Gladion will appear in the victory animation.

Victory animation 1: Lillie is cuddling up to Solgaleo, while Gladion is sitting beside Silvally

Victory animation 2: Lillie is hugging Lunala, while Gladion is performing a striking pose with Silvally

Victory animation 3: Lillie is standing next to Gladion doing his Vs trainer pose, in the background, Nebby and Silvally are chasing each other.

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