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Koppai's Captain takes Command! - The Charlie for Smash Thread


Smash Apprentice
Apr 5, 2015

'Heavyweight' Pikmin leader. He is much heavier but slower than Olimar; I guess you could say he's Olimar's Ganon!

First appeared 5 years ago in Pikmin 3. If he reprises his role in the next Pikmin game, then he has a fair shot at making it into the Smash 5 roster. Alph missed the boat last generation so this could finally be Koppai's time to shine!

Jab: Like Olimar's but deals more damage.
Dash Attack: Charges forward like a Rugby/ American Football player.
Forward Tilt: A Simple Punch. Pretty much like Wario's.
Up Tilt: Headbutts with a short, slow hop.
Down Tilt: Like Mario's with more power but less range. Can trip.

Neutral Air: Strikes out in a star pose. A bit like Wario's but vertical.
F-Air, B-Air, U-Air, D-Air: Olimar's but with more power and less duration.

F-Smash, U-Smash, D-Smash: More power but less range than Olimar's.
Instead of ordering Pikmin like projectiles, he swings them.

Neutral Special: Pikmin Pluck. Like Olimar's.
Slightly slower but grants super armour.

The Pikmin:
Charlie uses Rock Pikmin instead of Purple and White Pikmin.
Rocks have average range; deal less damage but more shield damage, than Purples.
They deal more hitstun than Purples but remain floored longer.

Side Special: Pikmin Throw. Like Olimar's.
Slightly faster with more range.

Up Special: Winged Pikmin. Like Olimar's.
Less speed and duration due to extra weight.

Down Special: Dizzy Whistle.
Reflects Pikmin 3's more powerful whistle.

Final Smash: S.S. Drake. Like Olimar's.
Easier to control upon descent. More predictable but more powerful.

Of all the Pikmin characters, he is easily the most unique in terms of personality and dimensions, and thus would be the perfect candidate for an Olimar semi-clone! Also, imagine his victory animations and taunts!
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May 2, 2018
I've only played Pikmin 3 before I broke my Wii U from GRD (Gamer's Rage Disorder). That's not a thing! :p But, when I get another Wii U I am getting it again. I support!
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