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KO Punch Glitch? or New Little Mac Tech?


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Aug 22, 2014
Waxhaw, North Carolina
If this does happen to be a new Little Mac tech, then I am giving it a name. I call it, Wiff Punching
So recently, I have encountered quite the peculiar thing in an online match. I cannot get footage of it (Because the camera is always jerked around every time I attempt due to arm movements) I was on a ledge with the K.O Meter ready. I went to attempt a Gazelle Punch (which I;m still trying to learn the timing with) but instead, I jumped and used the K.O Punch. It looked like the K.O Punch didn't hit the opponent (Which happened to be Mewtwo) put apparently it did. Here comes the weird Part, the momentum from the punch sent them vertically, but with no damage. The craziest part is that so much momentum caused my opponent to fly off the stage to the opposite side of my ledge. (I'm on left, they are on Right) Is this a glitch? Did I happen to discover a new tech?

I have only been able to recreate it once but against Ness. Same Conditions.

(Small update) SO I was able to recreate it twice at 1/4 Speed. What I have noticed is that the area right outside the hitbox of the move is positioned in such a way that only the horizontal part of the punch comes close to hitting, while the part when it starts to angle upwards and go upwards is not close to the enemy. It also seems to only work on floaty characters, as they are the only ones that seem to be affected right now.
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Feb 6, 2016
Maple Valley, WA
The KO punch in general is broken AF. Honestly, I think it is the most jank and most broken move in the entire game.

I have KO punched ZSS and when the camera zoomed in to give Mac the spotlight, ZSS was COMPLETELY behind me. She was not touching Mac whatsoever. Same with Mewtwo when I was trying to read his get up from the ledge while I had the KO punch. Once his got up from the ledge, I threw out the punch thinking he would do a regular get up but he instead did the roll get up. After he rolled COMPLETELY past me, the punch hitbox was thrown out and I still managed to hit him...... He was not touching Mac AT ALL. Not even his tail.

Tech wise, I honestly don't know how to explain your situation with the KO punch but just know the KO punch in general is VERY broken. More broken then Bowser's stupid, unnecesarily, long-distance pivot grab lol
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Dec 30, 2015
Could be Shadow I Frames

Didn't it look like this
0:04 - 0:06
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