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Kite for Smash Ultimate DLC


Smash Rookie
Mar 31, 2020
First Appearance - .hack//Infection: June 20, 2002 (PS2)


Kite is a 14-year-old boy in high school who is best friends with Yasuhiko, better known as Orca in The World. Yasuhiko is the one responsible for bringing Kite into The World, a fictional game in the .hack universe developed by Harald Hoerwick, who created it in memory of his favorite author who unfortunately passed away, Emma Wielant. Yusihiko, or Orca, takes him to a Delta Server called Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field, where he gives him a tutorial on how to play the game. While running away from Skeith, someone named Aura runs into them and knocks out Orca and puts Yasuhiko into a coma in the real world. After Skeith tries attacking Kite, a man named Helba comes in and saves him from getting Data Drained. It was after this that he fought for his friends life to go out and save him.

Obviously this isn’t the plot for all the games, it’s all different. But for the sake of this post, I’m only giving you the plot of the first game.


The original .hack trilogy sold fairly well in Japan, selling over 780,000 copies. It sold about 220,000 else where. So it’s very popular over in Japan as you can tell. And I have an idea how toxic fans would react if we got another Japanese swordsman. But, I’ll try my best to make him stand out.

The reviews did fairly well with the original trilogy’s highest aggregate score of 76%. The G.U. Trilogy also sold decently well, getting more criticism than the original Trilogy, but also more praise for the gameplay.

Role in Smash

.hack in Smash literally has nothing. However, while we’re on the topic, I can definitely see a Spirit Event happening. Considering .hack isn’t that well known in America, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get anything related to this game in Smash. Also Bandai Namco only has 1 character, Pac-Man. If we get another character, that’d be awesome! So, in short, I’m 50-50 on .hack getting in Smash. On one hand, it’d be great for more exposure, but on the other hand, it probably won’t happen as .hack isn’t well known in America and having another Japanese Swordsman wouldn’t be a good idea to some people.


I’d say slim to none. There are other Bandai Namco characters to choose from that are way more well known and that more people would want. There’s Klonoa, Nightmare, Don-Chan, Lloyd Irving, Heihachi Mishima, KOS-MOS, etc. Or, if ya wanna get really obscure, then there’s also Dig Dug. Out of all these characters, Lloyd would definitely make it in as there’s a good bit going for him, if we’re counting Mii Costume Theory. Kite is most likely in last place out of all of those characters, right next to Dig Dug. (No offense to Dig Dug fans XD).

What’s Holding Kite Back?

Well as I’ve said earlier, it’s looking about 50-50 for him. It’d be a great idea to promote his games in the West, but not very many people know who or what Kite and .hack is. And there’s also a butt-load of other characters to choose from. Me personally, I would want Nightmare or Heihachi. Do I want Kite in? Honestly, I don’t really mind it. I support literally any character and I’m just making this thread for fun. I’ve never played .hack my entire life, nor have I even owned a PS2. I just watch YouTube and whatever game pops up in my recommended, I try and make a thread on. But after doing the research for Kite, I really don’t know if I want him.


(If anyone can help me with a moveset, that would be great! This is literally all I could think of as the games a bit confusing for me to understand amd I want the moveset to stay true to the series.)

Kite wields 2 small dual swords. No where near as big as Lloyd’s. He’d be a bit of a lightweight character and have an about average running speed.

Jab - A 2-hit Jab. A horizontal slash with one of his swords from right to left, and then another slash with his other sword diagonally from high to low. Because of the small swords, this won’t have much range and only deals flinching damage.

SEGAGameBoy (a.k.a. Gaming-101, Me)
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