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Kirby's Short Hop Laser, Ledge Hop Laser, and Ledge Hop Double Laser(Spacies)

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Jul 18, 2017
Hello everyone, NeverKillAgain here. Since this forum is literally dead, I just decided to share some tidbits of info. In this "guide" , SHL = Short Hop Laser, LHL = Ledge Hop (Single) Laser and LHDL = Ledge Hop Double Laser.

So everyone knows that Kirby absoutely annihilates the Spacies(Fox and Falco) due to his Up-tilt alone. But another factor is that Kirby can actually force approaches with the Fox and Falco Hats!... kinda.

To SHL, simply buffer a laser out of a shorthop by sliding your thumb from X to B. Kirby will land with no lag. This the ONLY laser tech that can be done onstage. You do NOT need to be on ledge.

But to LHDL, you have to be extremely quick. You must let go of ledge then IMMEDIATELY jump and press B twice. Kirby will fire 2 lasers on almost the same level, extremely close to the ground, then regrab ledge.

With the Falco Hat, however, you can only LHL once. So just do the same inputs as LHDL but only press B once. You CANNOT SHL with the Falco hat

This was just a quick bit of info, sorry if this is already known, but the way the forums are, I doubt it. Leave your thoughts below.

...\ /

EDIT: Yikes, people are really skeptical (That means you, SK). So let me explain.

I am not saying this is a godlike Kirby tech that will forever change the metagame. I am saying it's out there. If you ever happen to play against a campy Spacie, you can use this tech to SORT OF force an approach. I know this isn't that useful, especially since Kirby simply bodies the Spacies, but one of Kirby's biggest weaknesses is that he can't force approaches. If a Spacie is at high percent and camping to avoid getting killed, you can use this tech if you have the hat. It can ALSO be used as a mid-range mixup at any percent, just to tack on a quick 2% or 3%. Similarly to how Melee Fox mains mix SHDL into their playstyle to quickly tack on some percent and force approaches, this can be used the same way. I am not saying to spam this, rather, to occasionally incorporate it into your play. For example, if you just finished a combo and can go for more, but don't want to overextend, you can use this tech to tack on a lagless 1%. NOTE: If you combine this tech with a backwards Laser Glide on landing then you might be able to tack on an extra 2%. It doesn't seem like much, but it adds up. And finally, this tech can be used as a mindgame. Your opponent won't be "shaking in their boots", but this simply lets them know that you just have that one extra option that they have to consider. This is especially true for Falco, who is a very slow character who also can't approach. Just consider this.

Thanks for reading. Leave any thoughts or CONSTRUCTIVE cristicism down below. I won't answer to pointless comments or insults. Make sure to vote in the poll!

Laser Gliding Tech: https://youtu.be/wShCzENjFMw and https://youtu.be/nzXMljCrlL4
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