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KillerAP's Rosalina Theory Thread


Smash Cadet
Jan 9, 2014
Toronto, ON
Alright, let me introduce myself first:

I go by KillerAP and I am a smasher from Toronto, Canada. My main game was Brawl and I was ranked 8th in the most recent PR. I guess the closest things I have to notable achievements are beating Meekspeedy and taking M2K to game 5 in tourney (lol). I played ICs, hence my allure to Rosalina as another puppeteer :bee:. I am very much obsessed with theory and mechanics, whether it be in real life or in game. I got into ICs very late in the game's lifespan, so a ton of their stuff had been figured out; with a new game, I wanna use this opportunity to help develop a character that I think is gonna be damn awesome :grin:. I'll be using this thread to post my findings and/or thoughts, and very much encourage everybody to discuss what you see (mind you, I'm as scrubby as it gets cuz I got the game today XD. Here goes.



Rosalina's dash/run game is really good imo. Because the initial dash is relatively fast, but also quite long, you can do an effective Brawl dash dance. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, it's when you initiate a dash, and before the dash ends you input another dash, but you cancel the second dash with a dash backward. That is, you're doing a traditional dashdance on the second dash. If you repeat this process in succession, the inputs should look something like this:

-> -> <- <- -> -><- ...

It's in effect, a series of intervalic dash dances. Since dashes can be interrupted by another dash at various times during the animation, you can vary the time between the dashdances to move in one direction or the other.

Anyway, coupling this concept with foxtrotting - that is, dashing and interrupting that dash with another dash in the same direction (repeated dashes in one direction, effectively) - allows Rosalina to move rather quickly and gracefully around the stage.

With this down, you can already do any regular running option, but I think the best part is Rosalina's skid animation. It's very very short. In the middle of your run, if you let the control stick return to neutral, you can almost immediately initiate any neutral stance move (tilts, smashes, and the like). What I like to do is buffer a crouch during the skid animation and do whatever it is I want to do out of the crouch (cuz crouch takes like 0 frames or something lol).

Btw, I'm referring to skids as when you stop in the middle of a RUN, not the dash. Fortunately, Rosalina's dash is really short so you get into the run if you hold the stick in a direction for any reasonable amount of time.

To add to that, true pivots are definitely in and I've been able to execute it on my 3ds circle pad. As such, I think it's viable and very important. If you do a dash dance and let the stick return to neutral fast enough and input a move, your back dash won't come out and you'll just do the move. The timing on this is tough, but once you figure it out it'll get better. Plus, I imagine that GCC will also make this a boatload easier so nbd just learn it anyway XD Doing pivots out of the brawl dashdances/foxtrots will prove to be very useful (I've already killed many people with pivot dsmash of all things lolol).

All of this stuff takes a bit of effort to get used to, but I strongly feel this stuff will be a huge boon to Rosalina's ground game overall.

TL;DR Brawl dash dances + Foxtrots + Short skids + True pivots = One of the best ground movements in the game


A thread from the Little Mac boards that has some solid video demonstrations of what I'm talking about above

I will add whatever stuff I think of over time into this thread. Tyvm for reading (however much that may have been), and lemme know your thoughts and or discussions or tell me I'm wrong so I can try to defend it or w/e ok bai
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Smash Lord
Nov 4, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Very interesting stuff! I love good "normal" movement and dash options, and noticed right away that controlling Rosalina felt very smooth. Icing on the cake, really. I was excited to play her anyways but didn't expect her to have such a good dash, skid, crawl, etc.
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