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John Seeks Redemption! John Marston Support Thread!


Smash Champion
Aug 13, 2018
Not gonna lie, I don't know a whole ton about the RDR series and mostly making this thread so I can nom him for RTC. However, I do think I see some point as to why John Marston could have a case for Smash.

First, even though Rockstar is a company from the west, they are without a doubt one of the more premier western names. Should Nintendo want a western character one would think that a Rockstar character would come up at some point and John Marston seems like one of the top, if not the top, choice from RG. Also even though he's not the main character of RDR2 a quick search tells me that he was a major part of that game as well as being the playable of the first so I don't think he'd get passed over from anyone of the same series. At a first glance the moveset seems like it would be a little bit different although IDK if there are any new mechanics that could come with him. People who know better than me can feel free to chime in on that one. Anyone else think he might be possible for Smash?
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