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Jeanne bathes in the light of the the Moon Bayonetta's BFF for DLC? (work in progress)


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Jul 19, 2014
First of all look at her

More to come later.

So Jeanne first appeared in the smash series as a trophy for the Bayonetta franchise alongside Rodin, whom later became an assist trophy in Ultimate.

From the Wiki

" Along with Rodin, Cereza, and Bayonetta, Jeanne appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Bayonetta also has a palette swap based upon Jeanne's look, which aesthetically alters her Wicked Weaves and Infernal Climax to match her white hair"

Notably the only other third party DLC character to get trophies pertaining to other characters in their series was Ryu with Ken. Who then just was revealed as a echo fighter with some small differences in the Nov 1st direct.

Jeanne for all intents and purposes is the Luigi to Bayo's Mario. Actually pretty literally

So I'd picture her mechanics in Smash working just as Bayonetta's as they do in the main series with some key differences.

From the wiki

"As an Umbra Witch, Jeanne has the same abilities as Bayonetta, although she has more experience at using them despite having been repeatedly beaten by Bayonetta in combat (this is likely because she was testing her instead of trying to beat her until she reached Isla del Sol). She is signed into a pact with a moth-like Demonessknown as Madama Styx, her fists and feet appearing through Jeanne's Wicked Weaves, and has shown the ability to summon her fully in Climax Sequences and Umbran Climax in the second game. In The Broken Sky, Jeanne displayed some form telekinesis when she directed one of her bullets towards Bayonetta; when she did that her eyes turned red.

Jeanne's arsenal is vastly similar to Bayonetta's in terms of function, but they differ in what they are named, their color scheme, and the demons Rodin hunted down and sealed within the weapons. Like Bayonetta, Jeanne is adept with any weapon once it is in her possession and has masterful skill in the bullet arts.

It's hinted that Jeanne's primary weapon is the katana, Angel Slayer, which sets her apart from other witches."

Some more trivia from the wiki

  • "It was made known by an interview in the Bayonetta Official Strategy Guide that Jeanne's method of entering Witch Time is a result of her always wanting to push herself to her limits.
  • When dressed like Cutie J and have Bloody Moon equipped, for the taunt, she says "Bring it" and makes the same pose of Viewtiful Joe's transformation.
    • Jeanne's Cutie J alias is also a reference to Cutie Honey.
  • Despite not being the main character, technically Jeanne can be played in more levels than Bayonetta herself; she is both an unlockable playable character and one is forced to play as her at the beginning of the Epilogue.
  • Jeanne's motorcycle is called "Angel Slayer" according to the fuel tank, and the license plate reads "U1 QTJ" (Cutie J). Kamiya states in his developer commentary that the "U1" is for "Umbra #1," representing Jeanne's pride as an Umbra Witch.
  • In an interview between Hideki Kamiya and the game site Silconera, Hideki stated he would like to make a Bayonetta spin off title starring Jeanne for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • In the Wii U port of the first game Jeanne's bust size is reduced. This was done in order to make her body type closer to her concept art, as well as match her body type in the second game.
  • Although Jeanne is unable to activate Witch Time by dodging at the last possible moment, there are certain enemies in the game that will allow her to active Witch Time, as you would normally playing as either Bayonetta, or Rosa: Kinship's in Chapter XV "Truth," Belief -- chapter I, Verse 2,-- "World of chaos," And Cachet--within circle formation-- Chapter 1, Verse 2."

Gamplay differences from Bayonetta 2

"When Jeanne is playable, combat will be slightly different, though the story remains the same with Bayonetta's skin merely replaced by Jeanne's. The differences in combat are:

  • Jeanne's Wicked Weaves do x1.5 damage.
  • Takes x1.5 damage from enemies.
  • Can dodge non-stop.
  • While dodging still provides invincibility frames, it no longer produces magic nor activates Witch Time if timed properly. Jeanne can only activate Witch Time using Moth Within, her version of Bayonetta's Bat Within.
    • Due to the stricter timing regarding activating Witch Time, attacks delivered during Jeanne's Witch Time yield x2 combo points (vs. Bayonetta's x1.5 multiplier).
  • Jeanne has unique grunts and battle cries during gameplay, displaying a more rude attitude than Bayonetta.
  • Her Wicked Weaves are white and pink, not black and purple as Bayonetta's are. Infernal Demons summoned by Jeanne reflect this."

Her chances could be as follows:

1. Is already in the game and not mentioned (unlikely)

2. Will be added as a free update as an echo when bayo 3 comes out.

3. Is one of the five with her own stage and music.
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