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Its time for a new Contest. The Champions roar into the Contest. (The Champions Support Thread)


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
This is the support thread for The Champions. A group of characters made specifically for the ultra popular game Marvel's Contest of Champions. If you are not looking for this, go back now!

What is Marvel's Contest of Champions?

Its a very popular mobile game created by Kabam Games. It is free on the google app store. It is a fighting game where you can play as hundreds on Marvel Comics characters.

Wait... Marvel? Sakurai already said no Iron man, so what are you talking about?

Well actually, I'm not talking about Iron Man or any other character from Marvel Comics or Movies. I'm talking about the group of characters created for the game, that aren't characters from any other media.

Characters created for the game that have a good chance of working in smash:
-Civil Warrior
-King Groot
-Guillotine 2099

Characters created for the game that probably wouldn't work in smash:
(I feel like thats pretty much it. Hes just deadpool with a metal-mario look)

How would the character work?
Well, they'd start the game as Civil Warrior. Using specific moves, the player switches to another character on the list. The Neutral attack changes for every character. To switch a character, you HAVE TO perform an attack involving the character you wish to use.

Moveset Idea:
Neutral (Civil Warrior) - Shield Punches
(Shield jabs and punches towards the enemy

Nuetral (King Groot) - King's Fist
(Punches from King Groot are more powerful than every other nuetral from a character on the list)

Nuetral (Ægon) - Electric Smash
(Punches that deal electric damage to the opponent)

Nuetral (Guillotine) - Grand Sword
(A sword swing that pushes back enemies)

Nuetral (Morningstar) - Fire Whip
(A whip of her mace deals fire damage to the enemy and knocks them back)

Nuetral (Guillotine 2099) - Tech Sword
(A sword slash that deals electric damage, and pushes back enemies)

Neutral Special (Switches player to/ is preformed by Guillotine 2099) - Future Jab
(Thrusts a powerful jab of her sword in the direction she is facing)

Up Special / Recovery (Switches player to/ is performed by Ægon) - Electric Uppercut
(Charges upward quickly, creating a wave of lightning in a curve above him. This Lightning Shield knocks back enemies and hits them with
Electric damage)

Side Special (Switches player to/ is performed by King Groot) - Bark Run
(A strong charge to the edge of the map with inflicts a critical hit on enemies it hits)

Down Special (Switches player to/ is performed by Morningstar) - Fire Slam
(Morningstar slams down on the ground dealing fire damage in a small radius and leaving a small wall of fire for 5 seconds)

Down-Air (Switches player to/ is performed by Guillotine) - Guillotine
(Holds sword downward as she falls, critical hitting whoever it hits, but not for sure killing them) (This works similarly to Link's down-air)

Up Tilt (Switches player to/ is performed by Morningstar) - Mace & Chain
(Swinging upwards, Morningstar uses her chain and mace to negate attacks from above with fire damage effects)

Side Tilt (Switches player to/ is performed by Civil Warrior) - Iron Star Shield
(Throws Shield, which bounces off enemies or boomerangs back if it doesn't hit. If it hits an enemy, then it knocks them back and deals small amounts of damage)

Down Tilt (Switches player to/ ia performed by Guillotine 2099) - Future Spike
(Thrusts sword downwards to hit the ground right in front of her. If this hits an enemy, it deals small amounts of electric damage.

Final Smash (Can be started by any character, though it never changes for any of them. After the final smash completes, the player continues the fight as the character they were before it was activated) - The Contest
(Every character on the list that isn't being played appears as an assist trophy, that cannot be obtained any other way. They all have their own Assist Trophy Movesets, ans they work as teammates for the player using it. They all do moderate levels of damage that can deal electric damage or fire damage is it suits the character in question)

As for Kirby's hat.... No matter which character he absorbs, he always gains Civil Warriors abilities from the moveset above. He appears with his shield, and with civil warrior helmet.

As for alt colors, they might all have to suit a theme... Like this:
1. Normal
2. Pink and white color scheme
3. Green and white color scheme
4. Blue and Black color scheme
5. Pink and red color scheme
6. Black and white color scheme
7. Different shades of brown color scheme
8. Purple and Bronze color scheme

As for a map... It could be the overworld of a quest in the game Marvel Contest of Champions. That would be a giant floating stone island floating in space. In it, there are skulls with glowing red lights inside. The background would be space. And... Who knows... Maybe we could see Mjolnir fly accross the screen as she returns to Thor's hand.
The Stage Hazards on this map... Maybe the occasional Lighting Bolt to blast a random part of the map? Or.... Yep. Nope... Thats all I got for that...

For music... The main theme that plays when you enter the games menus, and enter the crystal store, or start a quest would be perfect.

Spirits that could be added to the board for this could be the Summoned Symboids, an Adaptoid, and... Screw it I'll say Goldpool. I'll let him slide here, but not as a fighter.

I think I've touched on everything... If I missed something important... Let me know below!
What do you think? This is the very first thread discussing these characters, and I would love your support! Leave thoughts below! :)

Heres the support list, btw:
Voodoo7995 Voodoo7995
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Smash Journeyman
Oct 17, 2018
This sounds interesting and it could work, also The original characters Marvel created for Future Fight can work.
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