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It's Mr. Gimmick! Yumetaro for Smash Bros.

smash puffle

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Feb 13, 2010
Gimmick - Box_frontsmall.jpg

What game is this and why is that green thing so adorable?
Gimmick! is a 2D platforming game released by Sunsoft for the Famicom in 1992. It stars a small green toy named Yumetarō who has to rescue his new owner from a band of jealous toys who send the little girl into a portal to another dimension.

The gameplay is interesting and really polished. Yumetaro can jump and spawn stars above the horn on his head. The star is a key mechanic to the game, being necessary to defeat enemies found while also doubling as a platform, capable of being ridden to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.
The game despite it's well made, cute, Kirby-like visuals, the game itself can be pretty difficult, and getting the good ending even more so.

Gimmick! (Japan)_001.png gimmick-17.png

This is considered one of the most overlooked, greatest games on the Famicom/NES. The music is also considered to be one of the best videogame soundtracks of all time, taking advantage of a special sound chip included on the cartridge.

Ok, but why him and not a different Sunsoft rep?
Sunsoft is one of those companies who has supported Nintendo since the oldschool 8-bit days, with many of their most iconic games debuting on the NES. Of course the one game everyone remembers from them is Blaster Master. Sophia III is the Sunsoft rep everyone thinks of that could be in Super Smash Bros, and for good reason. A (small) tank character that could have a very unique moveset. But ok, hear me out...


Look at him. LOOK AT HIM. How could you say no to him?
But if you really want a better reason... Yumetaro would be much easier to implement into the game. Sophia III is a tank, who is shaped and designed unlike any other fighter in the roster, it has various projectiles, upgrades and stuff like that, so implementing such a type of character would be difficult, and would take a long time to make. Yumetaro is a round, spherical character, resembling Kirby, which means they could use Kirb's model and properties as a base for the green toy, thus saving time, money and resources. Besides, it's theorized that Sakurai's budget for the next wave of DLC could be smaller compared to the Fighter's Pass. This is just a fan theory, but it wouldn't matter considering making Yumetaro would still be cheaper and easier regardless.

How would he play in Smash, then?
This is the tricky part. The only thing he does in the game is jump, shoot stars and used some items from time to time.
The fun part about this is that you could be creative about it! He could obviously shoot stars and using them in creative ways for recovery or against your opponent... but that doesn't mean Gimmick could be the only game he could reference in his moveset. He could reference other Sunsoft games, just like how Pac-Man does it! Without using sprites, of course.
His up special could summon Yacopu from the Gameboy game Trip World, Side Special would let him ride the car from Super Spy Hunter and shoot weak projectiles while running into foes, and maybe bring a Hebereke reference of two.
His neutrals would be a variation of Kirby's, but without that floatyness and he could fall much faster than Kirby, with less aerial movement and without the extra jumps. He would also be slightly heavier than Kirb, but not by much.


I LOVE HIM ALREADY. Show me the list!
Allright then, here you go.
smash puffle (me)
Lisbon Mapping

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! Remember to show ur least favorite toys some love so they don't get jealous and then kidnap u on ur sleep. :)
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