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It's a Trap! (working on Trap play with M2)


Smash Champion
May 17, 2006
So here's a basic trap with MewTwo. It involves 2 moves: Nair, and Grab, and getting your opponent into a defensive state where you can approach effectively.

Wavedash so you're within easy dash-JC grab range and out of range of obvious traps, and jab to interrupt any quick attack if you like. This is a beastin' spot for M2. Now pick one of the two moves; I recommend starting with Nair, because it's the safest, but if you have a sense that the grab will land, go for it. It'll most likely get shielded, but that's fine because you can SHFFL and land just behind them to beat a shieldgrab, and you're pretty safe, and can follow up if they roll or do something silly. Nair also has a great come-out speed and decent priority with crazy duration, so you don't have to worry about things like smashes and getting hit with out of shield attacks too much.

But anyway, shielding here gives them a good advantage here, so they'll probably stick to that as a strategy, which opens them up for grabs. Just JC grab in place of a N-air in the same situation, and pull your best combo.
If they start spotdodging your grabs, you need more N-airs, which will **** their spotdodge and against many characters force them to tech allowing you to WD to them and repeat the trap, of course mixing in some uncharged shadowballs to pressure and allow you to approach.

Now, the next step is that Rolling beats both grab and N-air. If they roll, grab often, or just fake them out and chase their roll with either a grab, or an n-air if you're a little slow.

This is a basic trap that allows you do effectively build damage against most characters very effectively untill they find a particular solution to your trap, and when they do you can quickly deal with it. There are counters, for instance, JC shine out of shield and quick SH needles to interrupt you, but you can come up with mindgames for those as you surface, and against lower tiered characters they'll have a tough time getting out of it.. What say you, MewTwo boards?


Smash Champion
Nov 17, 2005
Bay Area, Cali
I've known this for a while, but i think to alotta newer guys, it could be news to them. Nair --> Grab is a great strategy cause since mewtwo's floaty, you can DI to the backside of they're sheild, and most characters have a tough time dealing with that.

Oh and the nair has very low priority, many players confuse this, and it may seem that way, but the nair usually connects because mewtwo's rapidly repeating attack frames and low windup lag, not priority.

It's all about speed and pressure, good post.
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