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It's a lovely morning in Smash Bros., and you are a horrible Goose. #GooseForSmash


Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
I've written up a moveset for the Goose. This is the second moveset that I've written today, so I'm on a bit of a roll!

The Goose is Loose!

The Goose’s first palette swap is a proper alt, changing the goose’s beak and feet to a darker orange colour and changing the shape of its beak to make it the player 2 goose from the game’s co-op mode. In this costume, its honking noise changes, much like the co-op mode. The other palette swaps resemble real life geese – a Canadian Goose (brown with black head), an African Goose (blueish-gray), Pomeranian (white with brown spots and a brown head), Chinese Goose (yellowish-brown with a dark brown head, wings, and chest markings), Toulouse (looks like a giant pigeon), and Orinoco Goose (orange and black), though its appearance doesn’t change to resemble those geese – just its palette.

For a series logo, I’ll use the game’s logo – a silhouette of a goose surrounded by a triangle.

For a stage, I’m going to go with Model Village, an endgame section of Untitled Goose Game. Specifically, it’s in the part of the Model Village that’s a model version of the Model Village, with the crumbled model castle in the background. As a fun little Easter Egg, model versions of the player characters who are currently on the stage (their default costumes only, for simplicity’s sake) are scattered throughout the stage in the background. It’s a fairly simple stage – townspeople might wander by in the background, looking at the model town, but they can’t impact the gameplay.

For the Goose’s intro, a bush is on the stage – the Goose peeks its head out and honks before walking out of the bush. For its idle animations, it shakes its body or looks around.


The Goose can crawl, but it can’t wall-jump. I’m going to try to base it around annoying your opponent, as opposed to hitting hard.

A-->AA-->AAA: Honk. The move has no knockback and barely deals any damage, but it can be spammed.

Forward A: much like Mega Man, the Goose can honk while walking.

Up A: the Goose lifts a fork into the air

Down A: the Goose swings a pint glass, dropping it; if you’re on the edge of a platform, this can hinder an opponent’s recovery.

Forward Smash: the Goose pulls on an umbrella, causing it to open up.

Up Smash: the Goose struggles to lift the Gardener’s hammer into the air.

Down Smash: the Goose tosses the expensive vase into the air. It doesn’t go high, but when it lands, it shatters, breaking into pieces on either side of the Goose.

Neutral Air: much like Mega Man, the Goose’s neutral air is also honking.

Forward Air: the Goose flaps its wings, though since it’s either not willing or able to fly, it doesn’t move very far

Back Air: the Goose swings around with a cricket bat, though it’s having trouble with lifting it.

Up Air: the Goose tosses a tea pot into the air. If it hits the ground, an opponent, or anything else, it shatters.

Down Air: the Goose pulls out a bucket and drops it

Dash Attack: the Goose pulls out a knife, swinging its head

Wake-Up Attack: the Goose runs around in circles, honking

Climb Attack: the Goose pulls itself up, rolling forward before getting back to its feet.


Grab: the Goose grabs the enemy with its beak, it like it does when picking up an item

Pummel: the Goose shakes its head, jostling the opponent.

Forward Throw: the Goose stands there as a crudely painted “No Goose” sign lands in front of it. The opponent is sent flying, while the Goose pays no attention to the sign.

Back Throw: the Goose swings an empty boot, which somehow has the force of a kick, to knock the grabbed enemy behind the Goose.

Up Throw: a sprinkler appears under the opponent, and the Goose turns the nozzle, turning on the water and launching the opponent upwards.

Down Throw: the Goose tips a garbage can onto the opponent.


Up Taunt: the Goose pulls out a harmonica and plays a tune.

Side Taunt: the Goose spreads its wings

Down Taunt: the Goose pulls out a random item from Untitled Goose Game and shakes its head tauntingly, honking as it does so, before putting it away. If it’s something like the glass bottle, it changes the sound of the Goose’s honks during the taunt.


B: Rake. The Goose grabs onto a rake, and can pull it around as long as you hold B. When released, the rake will sit there, but if an opponent steps on it, it will pop up and smack them in the face, Sideshow Bob-style, before disappearing. It also disappears after a certain amount of time, or if the Goose player presses B again.

Up B: Special Delivery. The Goose gets into a box with balloons attached to it, and the balloons lift the Goose into the air for a short distance. This was taken from the Rivals of Aether workshop version of the character, but since the Goose is purely groundbound in UGG, I didn’t have many options for a recovery.

Side B: Toy Cars. The Goose steps on to toy cars, using them like roller skates. They prove to be too fast for the Goose, and it hops off of them, letting them careen off of the stage. The cars do much more damage while the Goose is on them, though they still do a tiny amount of damage when they’re on their own.

Down B: Walkie-Talkies. The Goose places a Walkie-Talkie on the ground, with a maximum of two being placed at a time. Any Honk moves that are used near the Walkie-Talkie are amplified in the spot where you placed the other Walkie-Talkie, dealing significantly more knockback. Any player can press A near a Walkie-Talkie to pick it up and move it around, like any item. (though for an opposing player, trying to throw the Goose’s Walkie-Talkie off-stage makes you very vulnerable to being honked at) Trying to summon a Walkie-Talkie while both are active causes a puff of smoke to appear in front of the Goose. If more than one Goose is in the match, the Walkie-Talkie effect can’t be chained, though any Goose can use any other Goose’s walkie-talkie.

Final Smash: Golden Bell. The Goose pulls out a golden bell, ringing it – anyone caught in the shockwave is stunned. Off-screen, villagers hear the Golden Bell and come running. The Goose runs forwards, jumping into a bush as the villagers run by, trampling whoever’s in their path.


For its first victory pose, the Goose walks on-screen with a crown on its head and a ribbon around its neck. It honks to get the camera to zoom in on it. For its second victory pose, it waddles on screen with a sandwich in its mouth, before the gardener runs in, causing it to drop the sandwich and run around the gardener to try getting it back. For the third victory pose, it spreads its wings as flowers are dropped near it and applause can be heard.

The Goose’s victory theme is a snippet from end of the game’s reveal trailer.

When he absorbs the Goose, Kirby gets a cap that resembles the top of the Goose’s head. He gets the Goose’s Rake attack.
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